Pipe dredging vehicle

Pipeline cleanout vehicle
It is equipped with special equipment such as assisting water-drifting rope-drawing device, sludge grab, scraper group, etc. It is used for dredging of drainage pipelines, cleanup of debris from wells, rain wells, etc., and is used for drainage pipes in urban streets and residential quarters. The special structure special-purpose vehicles for dredging and conservation operations.

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The Rubber Strainer Extruder mainly consists of screw, barrel, glue head and transmission device.The filter head is equipped with orifice plate and filter NET, the orifice plate is used to support the filter net and is the discharging port, its aperture is 4~8mm, and it is the conical hole which expands along the flow direction of the rubber material.The length-diameter ratio of the screw in the filter machine is about 5.

Rubber Strainer Extruder

Rubber Strainer Extruder,Glue Filtering Machine,Rubber Straining Machine,Filter Glue Machine

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