Beijing can be customized version of the mobile lift belt conveyor equipment, a new independent trend

The mobile belt conveyor is a type of belt conveyor, commonly known as the conveyor belt, which can be electrically lifted and used to transport bulk grain corn, potatoes, wheat, soybeans, rice, sorghum, sunflower seeds and other grain carts to deliver goods. Packing, into the grain store and so on. Bandwidth: B500, B600, B650, B800, B1000mm, etc.; Length: 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters and so on. This machine can be used for both bulk and bulk applications. It is a multi-purpose machine, it is easy to move, it is easy to operate, it is safe to use, it has a small amount of maintenance and is affordable.

Mobile lift conveyor advantages:
The mobile belt conveyor has two speeds, fast and slow, to meet the different requirements of bulk transportation and packaging, which improves the utilization of equipment and gives full play to the versatility of the machine. A side channel is installed on both sides of the movable belt conveyor machine frame to prevent grain bags from falling during transportation, and adjustment handles are installed on both sides of the feeding hopper to prop up the side plates to prevent food leakage and facilitate bulk foods. delivery. Solid rubber rollers are used on the large and small wheels to prevent crushed food and warehouse floors. Both the size wheels are equipped with ball bearings and the small wheels have the function of automatic steering, which ensures that the machine moves easily and flexibly. The movable belt conveyor frame adopts a welded truss structure, which has sufficient strength and good rigidity under the concentrated transport load. The mobile belt conveyor is divided into two types: movable without lifting type belt conveyor and movable belt with lifting type belt conveyor; suitable for the operation of conveying, stacking and loading and unloading of bulk grain and grain.

Conveyor belt adjustment method:
1. Adjustment of the head wheel roller: If the conveyor belt is shifted to the right, it means that the left bearing is forward, so the left bearing frame should be moved back to the proper position.
2. Adjustment of the tail wheel drum: If the conveyor belt is biased to the right, turn the right screw to tighten the right belt.
3, can adjust the position of the upper and lower roller.


Conveyor use and maintenance:

1. When using this machine, it is not allowed to start the load. It must be started within 2-3 minutes after starting. Before stopping, feed should be stopped. After the rest of the material on the conveyor belt is finished, stop and cut off the power supply.
2, in order to ensure the life of the parts, we must pay attention to the lubrication of the operating part.
(1) The oil hole in each department must be filled with oil.
(2) In the case of frequent use, the upper and lower idler rollers and the feed roller are cleaned and refueled once every three months.
(3) Worm gear box is changed once a month.
(4) Small wheels are refueled once a day.
(5) The tail adjustment screw is often refueled.
(6) The transmission gear should be frequently filled with oil to ensure smooth operation.
3. When the machine is being shipped, the packaging must be placed in the middle of the conveyor belt to keep it running smoothly.
4. During use, it should always be kept clean, and regularly check the main parts of the drum, idler, worm gear box, etc., for wear, and whether the fixing bolts and nuts are loosened, and whether the general parts are broken, cracked, bent, etc. Phenomenon, if it is found that the machine is damaged, replace it in time.
5. It is found that the rollers and idlers are not rotating or inflexible. When there are noises, they should be removed for inspection and repair.
6. When transporting goods, the side plate of the feeding hopper shall be propped up, and the supporting legs shall be connected with the rack with pins and inserted in the first hole above the supporting leg. When the package is shipped, the hopper side plate shall be lowered and the supporting leg pin shall be inserted. Two holes.

7. After one year of practical use, the machine must be overhauled and repaired once every three to six months. When overhauling, it is necessary to replace damaged parts and excessively worn parts. When the conveyor is temporarily not in use, put it in the warehouse.

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Dyeing Auxiliaries For Polyester

In textile dyeing, it is hoped that the dyes can be evenly dyed on the fabric, without uneven depth and color spots, and has a good covering ability for the difference of affinity caused by the quality of the fiber. For this reason, the general selection of appropriate levelling agent is important. Polyester is one of the three major synthetic fibers with the fastest developing speed. It has good wear-ability and is the main fabric used for outerwear. When polyester and its blended fabrics are dyed with disperse dyes at high temperature and high pressure, the temperature rise rate will be improperly controlled due to the poor dispersion and evenness of the dyes. Therefore, effective levelling agent must be added when dyeing. Because the dyeing temperature of polyester fabric is generally around 130℃, that means this kind of dyeing agent is used to called high temperature leveling agent.

superfine denier polyester fabric, high temperature, high pressure, recycled water, high concentration electrolyte conditions

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