Domestic mobile phone wars: Which technical breakthroug…

The global sales of smartphones reached 1.5 billion units a year. China, as a manufacturing country, carries most of its processing and manufacturing operations, and the development and improvement of the industrial chain has reached an unprecedented scale of prosperity. At the same time, Chinese m

[Technical posts] Automotive interior plastic trends an…

Abstract: It is pointed out that the automotive interior plastic is moving toward the trend of green, environmental protection and low toxicity and low harm, such as spray-free plastic, modified plastic, bioplastic, chemical self-destruct plastics and inorganic nanocomposites. For the automotive i

Huangpu Customs successfully “blocked” three batche…

It is understood that these three batches of counterfeit automotive lubricants come from Malaysia and Hong Kong, all of which are small packaged products for ordinary consumers. Castrol, Shell is 4L/barrel, Mobil is 1L/support, and product models and packaging are all domestically sold. Types

Nine-meter coach car's gear recognition

Many novices like to look at their stalls when they learn the car. Of course, it takes time to practice and become familiar. Before getting on the road, you should be familiar with all the stalls. Avoid distractions and cause traffic accidents while on the

Lithium battery industry chain investment quietly turne…

The New Energy Automobile New Deal has enabled Sanyuan Power Battery to move to the front desk and the entire industry chain is quietly shifting. Lithium battery industry chain investment quietly turned to ternary materials Three yuan raw material prices soared The transaction price of the

Farmers’ “ageing” problem may be improved

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] In recent years, the rural "hollowing" and the "ageing" of farmers have become more prominent. Chen Xiaohua said that promoting rural residents to rural areas is an important way to solve these problems. Returning rural people can brin

Monitor screen card? Because the wrong PoE switch

Many friends who claim to be a security “holy hand” have found it to be unwieldy when they use PoE power supply and surveillance cameras to power the camera. What's the matter? PoE switch problem? It is not also. It is indeed a PoE switch problem, but it is not the quality of the Po