Gansu Yifu Rice Yellow DAP

China drying wire 6:05 1st, Gansu urn good fortune Company DAP product like a beige golden ribbons spewing from the finished belt down, capsules beige ammonium phosphate success off the assembly line. After analysis and testing, all the indicators have reached the national standards for excellent

Pig Heart Transplantation: Breakthrough in Xenotranspla…

Imagine that your heart has failed. You urgently need to change. Every day, your family nervously waits to call from the hospital to say that they have found a donor. Then one day, the call was passed. In your excitement, the doctor on the other e

Ship fuel energy saving and emission reduction new tech…

It is understood that the research project on energy saving and emission reduction of marine fuels jointly carried out by the World Maritime Research Center and Zhanyi International Biotechnology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. was officially launched at Dalian Maritime University. The International Maritime O

Machine tools industry needs change thinking

A series of new changes and new difficulties, such as a shrinking market size, a rapid escalation of demand structure, overcapacity, and rising costs, have caused the machine tool industry, which has been entering a downward path since 2012, to fail to emerge from the downturn. On February

Do you know the daily maintenance of the tanker?

Do you know the daily maintenance of the tanker? 1. The carrying part of the oil tank, popularly known as the car chassis. The general driver is more knowledgeable about this piece. The problem is that after the oil tanker installed the oil pump, we instal

Fastener industry faces reshuffle restructuring

A benign development of a fastener company must establish the company’s core competitiveness and cultivate the internal driving force of the industry. However, at present, most fastener companies in China lack of innovation ability, lack of advanced technology lacking intellectual p

New wearable antenna helps health monitoring

The researchers said he designed a new, flexible, stretchable and bendable health monitoring device that can be worn during exercise. "Even if it is severely bent, twisted or stretched, our antennas can still function," said researcher Z