Limonite ore dressing

Eshan Yi Autonomous County of metallurgical Group's iron ore and read Kunming University research cooperation in recent years, the use of the thickness of the grain dry magnetic separator technology to replace the traditional process, improve resource utilization, and losses in one fell swoop,

Study on Hydrophobic Flocculation Mechanism of Flotatio…

The main characteristics of fine-grained minerals are small mass, large specific surface and high surface energy. The small mass causes the hydrophobic ore particles to have small momentum in the slurry, and the collision probability with the bubbles is small, and it is difficult to overcome the en

Selection and application of vibrating screen

Beneficiation plant screening equipment commonly used types are: vibrating screen, grate, roller screen, fine screen and a cylindrical sieve. The main factors considered in the selection of screening equipment are material characteristics (such as maximum particle size, material content under the s

Introduction to China's metal mineral resources

Iron ore China is a country with a large iron ore resource and a low iron ore grade. At present, there are 1,834 mining areas with proven reserves, and the total reserves of ore is 46.3 billion tons, ranking the fifth in the world. Except for Shanghai and Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions,

How to shorten the gap between domestic instrumentation…

Instrumentation products have a wide variety of products and cover a wide range of products. With the development of China's demand for more and more instrumentation, to a large extent, promote the rapid development of China's instrumentation industry, but relatively weak compared to foreign

Using machinery to treat livestock and poultry waste

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In recent years, China's aquaculture industry has continued to develop, the proportion of livestock and poultry breeding industry has gradually increased, the total amount of livestock products has increased year by year, the scale farming has expa

·Shanghai Youke Haoma Tire Sales Co., Ltd. recalled so…

Recently, Shanghai Youke Haoma Tire Sales Co., Ltd. submitted a recall plan to the AQSIQ to recall some imported YOKOHAMA brand car tires (snow tires). The tire size involved in this recall is 205/55R16 91T, the production date is June 14, 2016, and the country of origin is Japan. According to the