Ten Tips for Running a New Car Do not Take a New Car as a Trainer

Automobile is a tool for human beings. At the same time, it is also a human partner and helper. Car owners treat cars well. It will provide shelter for us. If we are not good for it, then anchoring will happen from time to time. The same applies to new cars. Each new car There are running-in periods, and we have to treat our cars well during the run-in period so that we don't leave hidden dangers in the future. Especially novices, they just got a driver's license to mention the car, but often do not know the attention of the vehicle running-in period, driving is also very casual, it is very easy to cause damage to the vehicle, to lay the hidden dangers for the later unnecessary maintenance. Today I talked with everyone about the new car running in those things.

1, hot car before driving

When the vehicle is in the off state, the oil in the engine slowly falls back into the oil pan. After starting the vehicle, the oil has a certain amount of time to fully lubricate the various components of the engine. If you drive at this time, it is easy to exacerbate engine wear. Therefore, before we drive each vehicle, we may wish to get out of the vehicle and not use too much time. Keep the engine idle for 1-2 minutes, and wait until the tachometer falls below 1000 rpm.

2, when the car should be timely shift

When opening a new car manually, it is necessary to pay attention to the timely shift, not the high gear low speed and the high gear speed, and do not keep a gear for a long time (except the highest gear). The automatic transmission of new cars in the run-in period to avoid rapid acceleration of emergency braking, slow acceleration.

3, do not take maintenance time

The running-in phase of the new car must be maintained at a safe time. When the new car engine is running in, it will produce a lot of metal debris. If it is not maintained in time, it will aggravate the wear of the engine.

4, pay attention to the state of oil

During the break-in period, pay attention to the state of the oil, and observe the state of the oil based on the viscosity and color of the oil. When changing the oil, be sure to add oil that meets the manufacturer's standards, and do not use any oil additives.

5, to ensure the fuel quality

When refueling, be sure to select a regular gas station, add gasoline that meets the original regulations, and don’t plan to go to a small gas station. If you add a poor quality gasoline, it will cause great damage to the car.

6, do not pull high speed

Do not pull the new high-speed car, many owners think that high-speed is to open fast, in fact, is wrong, pull the high speed is to increase the engine speed. During the running-in of a new car, the engine speed should not exceed 3,000 rpm and the speed should not exceed 100 KM/h.

7, do not run for a long time

If the new car runs at a high speed during the running-in period, pay attention to the speed and pay attention to the continuous working time. It is better not to exceed 3 hours for the continuous high-load working time of the new engine, otherwise it is easy to cause the wear of the machine parts.

8, avoid often full load

The new car is often fully loaded during the running-in period, which will increase the load on the engine, transmission, and suspension, and accelerate the wear and tear on aging.

9, avoid sudden braking

The sudden braking will not only increase the wear of the brake system, but also increase the impact on the engine, chassis and other components.

10. Don't take a new car as a coach

There are many new car owners who like to lend the car to other novices and train cars. I wonder if the bad habits nurtured by novice drivers in driving schools are very destructive.

to sum up:

The running-in period is very important for a new car. It can be said that the running-in period is good and the car may be less durable and more durable. However, many new car owners now ignore the importance of the run-in period, causing the new car to become unwieldy. As owners, it is necessary for us to allow the car to stay stable through the break-in period, and to reduce the subsequent increase in expenses due to failure. After all, no one is rich.

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