The fourth generation of China's non-highway wide-body mining vehicles was launched

On December 23, 2016, Mr. Xu Yanan, General Manager of Shaanxi Tongli Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., solemnly announced at the Tongli Heavy Industry Business Meeting that the fourth generation of China Non-road Widebody Mining Vehicles (Tongli Heavy Industry D Series) was launched ! It marks that China’s non-road wide-body mining vehicle products have crossed new heights, leading the new trends in automation and information technology development for non-highway wide-body mining vehicles.

中国非公路宽体矿用车第四代(同力重工D系列) 产品隆重上市
The fourth generation of China's non-highway wide-body mining trucks (Tongli Heavy Industry D Series)

The fourth-generation non-road wide-body mining vehicle (Tongli Heavy Industry D-series product) is based on the research of the new market structure, new customer structure, and mine construction technology. It insists on realizing the value for users and deepens the standard of the industry. Research, R&D, and lean manufacturing of new products. The product has made new breakthroughs in automation, information, and the entire life cycle, making product technology standards rise to a new platform.

Tongli Heavy Industry D Series Products Launched


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Tongli D series products:

Application of vehicle information management system, high degree of information management integration;

Automatic transmission, automatic control - better comfort

Power to achieve continuous transmission of flexible power, transportation efficiency increased by more than 20%, higher transportation efficiency;

Active safety and passive safety are all improved and safety is higher;

Reliability upgrades throughout the entire life cycle, longer life.

TLD65 (effectively carrying 40 tons)

TLD90 (effectively carrying 60 tons)


TLD110 (effectively carrying 70 tons)

The fourth-generation non-highway wide-body mining trucks have been strictly tested and put on the market, marking that China’s non-highway wide-body mining vehicles have taken products to a new level. This is also the product value of Tongli Technology’s strength, responsibility, and value. reflect. Believe that with the D series of products will certainly bring better benefits to customers, will inevitably lead China's non-road wide body mining vehicle industry towards continuous innovation, product development, the direction of the healthy development! (This article comes from Tongli Heavy Industry)

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