Air purifier market or big shuffle

After days of haze and fog, sales of air purifiers reappeared at their peak. However, after rapid development in 2013 and 2014, the domestic air purifier market was already in a state of melee, and many brands even did not hesitate to sell at a loss in order to ship.

At the same time, the after-sales problem of air purifiers that have been receiving attention has become a major obstacle to the development of the industry. According to the “China Air Purifier User Usage Survey Survey Report 2014” released by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronics Survey Office in November 2014, 49.5% of users have doubts about the air purifier after-sales service. Among them, there are few service points, high maintenance costs, no after-sales visits, and lack of product knowledge and usage.

Different from other household electrical appliances, air purifiers are highly dependent on filter consumables and after-sales services, and only after-sales service is required to enhance consumer experience and improve customer loyalty. At present, many consumers have listed “after-sales service” as one of the important criteria for purchasing air purifier products.

The new national standard will go out of the market or undergo major reshuffle With the rational consumption of consumers, the implementation of revised standards for air purifiers, and the development of independent brands, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a special campaign to rectify the market of air purifiers and water purifiers in the first quarter of this year. The China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Working Committee also issued the 2015 No. 1 document, aiming at rectifying the chaotic situation in the air purifier market for false propaganda and allowing consumers to distinguish the "Pleasant Goat" and "Grey Wolf" from the air purifier market and clear the purifier. The market "grey wolf."

To purify the air purifier market, the National Standards Committee will complete the validation and release of air purifier standards in the first half of 2015. The new national standard intends to use “clean air volume” as the core indicator of product labeling, adding parameters such as “applicable area” and “useful life” to describe or derive the algorithm. In addition, the new national standard also further standardizes product labeling methods to facilitate consumer purchase. .

Regarding the introduction of the new national standard, relevant sources pointed out that this move will make the competition in the air purifier market even fiercer, and even let the entire industry usher in a "big reshuffle." For those products with insufficient capital and low technical content, they will face the possibility of elimination. The era of using packaging, propaganda, or low price to make up for the lack of product quality will also age. As the new national standard determines the core parameters of the purifier, the quality of the product will be well documented. Consumers can also use the standard to measure the differences between different products. The purchase of air purifiers will be much simpler.

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