Green housekeeper is a microcosm of modern agricultural informatization

The impact of the development of the Internet on traditional agriculture is very great, and the industries that have permeated the development of human civilization are undergoing changes. The extensive traditional production mode has been broken down, and instead it has become intensive, precise, intelligent, and data-oriented. As a result, agricultural production has acquired the industrial properties of “quasi-industry”. The current Internet of things, big data and other technologies can already manage the cultivation, cultivation, maturation and sales of crops. The application of greenhouse housekeepers in greenhouse cultivation is very effective.

It is undeniable that the penetration of the Internet has begun to subvert the traditional agricultural model, and the integration of agricultural cloud computing and big data and the future excavation and application have played an important role in the development of modern agriculture. In the development of agriculture, big data can not only penetrate into all aspects of production and management, but also help agriculture achieve cross-industry, cross-professional, and cross-business development. At present, China has also started its own practice. On the outskirts of Langfang, Hebei, iSoftStone's team is doing "wisdom agriculture" based on big data. iSoftStone installs sensors with built-in cameras in the farmland, collects and collects indicators of agricultural products through terminal applications such as sensors and cameras, and collects data in the cloud for real-time monitoring, analysis, and management, such as daily temperature and humidity. Information on rainfall and other information also distributed smart phones and tablet computers to farmers so that everyone could record work results and issues that were noticed on the spot.

In the entire smart agricultural system, the greenhouse stewardship collects information as the basis for providing data and can implement countermeasures at the decision-making level. For example, on the issue of food safety, information collection can help relevant departments to trace back and better solve the source of monitoring. problem. In the source supervision system, “smart agriculture” mainly adopts bar code and RFID technology to record and supervise, so as to realize the management of production, harvest, inventory, circulation, and food safety, and then perform corresponding operations according to different regions and crop types. Data information is adjusted so that the monitoring and management software can help farmers to grow and manage crops.

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