How to Become an Excellent Motor Trainer

At present, there are approximately 250 million motor vehicles in China, with more than 300 million driving personnel. About 30,000 new drivers are added to the car every year. The huge driving force with a weak driving base adds a lot of unsafe factors to the congested urban traffic. Serious traffic accidents endanger the social stability and harmony. How to improve the driver's driving skills and safety awareness is the top priority in solving road safety problems. How to improve the motor coaches' own quality and teaching ability is the key to solving this problem.

In general, the following aspects must be done as a good motor vehicle trainer.

First, putting safety awareness first

Motor vehicle coaches have unshirkable responsibility for the safety and social stability of road traffic in the future. If the motorized coaches lack safety awareness and ignore the importance of driving safety while training the trainees, the trainees who are trained will also treat the driver with a mentality of ignoring the safety of driving when driving. Such a driver is The potential “killer on the street” is a major traffic hazard that seriously threatens the safety of the city’s traffic and pedestrian safety. It can be said that coaches who do not have adequate safety awareness education are not suitable for coaches at all. Therefore, we must continue to strengthen the concept of “people-oriented, safe driving”. We must not be relaxed in the sense of safety. We must adhere to high standards and strict teaching concepts. We should always give top priority to safety awareness so that every student can get on the train. After that, it will be safe to drive and courteous.

Second, improve their driving skills

Motor vehicle driving teaching is a profession that requires high professional skills. Coaches do not only teach students to drive, but also teach students how to drive a car. There is a saying that goes well. “If you want to fight iron, you need to be hard.” This is to tell the majority of coaches that if they want to teach others to drive a car or drive a car, they first have to have solid professional skills, have a good command of driving skills, and understand vehicles. Daily and regular maintenance and maintenance can clearly and clearly explain the main points of theoretical knowledge in vehicle driving. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the study of the basic structure and principles of automobiles so that coaches can teach students basic driving knowledge and simple fault diagnosis and processing methods while teaching students certain driving skills.

Third, to strengthen theoretical studies, familiar with the traffic laws and regulations

Driving coaches belong to professional and technical personnel, and they need to have certain business abilities and qualities. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen theoretical studies. Secondly, as coaches, they must keep up with the changes in traffic laws and regulations, update their knowledge at any time, and must be familiar with current traffic regulations and common sense in driving safety. As a coach, if you just start a coaching job by driving a car, you will find it difficult to be qualified for the job. It is also difficult to teach students, and the quality of teaching will inevitably not be guaranteed. Therefore, in order to do a good job of their own work, coaches must improve their own quality, improve the overall professional skills and theoretical teaching, to achieve all-round development.

Fourth, establish a scientific teaching method

Coaches are the first line of education for trainees. The quality of coaches determines the level of students to a certain extent. Therefore, both the driving school and individual coaches must fully understand the importance of strengthening business abilities and quality training.

Coaches teach students to drive the first theoretical explanation. Even if the instructor is unable to provide guidance during the later period when the train is open, excellent and concise language skills and scientific and appropriate teaching skills are used to improve the teaching quality of coaches. Is very important. A qualified motor vehicle coach must teach one's own style, teach one's own standards, create a relaxed and pleasant teaching atmosphere, gradually mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, give more recognition to the students with solid skills, and spend more time and patience. Learn unskilled students.

V. Lead by example, words and deeds

Showing action, setting an example, and serving as a teacher are essential qualities for a qualified coach. No matter how you usually say or how to cry, it's really admirable to make some achievements at the key moments. In the teaching, the coach's clothes and moral behavior have a subtle influence on the trainees. Many coaches are not aware of this problem, and it is not uncommon for them to drive unethically, drive vehicles that do not follow the rules, and even converge on money. This phenomenon has seriously ruined the morale of the coaches. Therefore, both the driving school and the coaches themselves should pay attention to strengthening the construction of moral character, and constantly strengthen such a spiritual quality of self-respect, self-police, and self-reflection, grasping the behavior of the coaches, and setting an example. Do not forget to live on the basis of life, coaching is not one's selfishness.

6. Actively adjusting the mentality to ensure the smooth progress of teaching

The teaching process cannot be plain sailing. Sometimes the coaches are disturbed by the influence of family and the environment. Such bad emotions can lead to coaches who are violent and distracted in their teaching. They are not only detrimental to the quality of teaching, but also bring about bad feelings and distractions. Larger security risks. This requires that every coach must have a good attitude and ensure that the teaching goes smoothly.

Seventh, weather, strong teaching will

The teaching mode of the coaches has no fixed teaching time, teaching location, and there are many difficulties in the work that the coaches must bear. The teaching mode of “wind and sunshine, early and early greed and blackness” is not an exaggeration. It requires coaches to have hard-working teaching will and to strengthen loyalty to driving schools so that the quality of students’ learning can be promoted.

Coaches should regard teaching as a social mission to accomplish. This requires the coaches to constantly strengthen their understanding of life safety. It is believed that while the majority of coaches are striving to practice the above-mentioned basic qualities, China's traffic construction will surely move toward a new height.

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