EPS Vacuum Block Making Machine, Sandwich Panel Making Machine

  • Type: EPS Foam Machine
  • Principle: High-Pressure Air Type
  • Computerized: Computerized
  • Plastic Type: Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Cooling Type: Vacuum Cooling
  • Trademark: VST
  • Raw Material: EPS
  • Automation: Automatic
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
  • Machine Type: EPS Machine for Block
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Main Features:

1,Strong Structure:

   Machine is made of high-strength square tubes and thick steel plates.

   Machine's all six panels are through heat treatment to release welding stress, so that panels cannot deform under high temperature.

   After heat treatment, all panels are processed by sand blasting treatment t remove rust, then first painting and final painting is done to keep machine anti-corrosion.

2,Steam System:

   Use three ball valves to control steam, saving 20% steam comparing to traditional one main valve system.

   Steaming is controlled by Timer and three Germen electrical gauge switches, with a safty valve to save from gauge malfuncton situation.

3,Control System:

   Machine with PLC and touch screen for easy operation.
EPS Vacuum Block Making Machine, Sandwich Panel Making Machine
Details of machine
EPS Vacuum Block Making Machine, Sandwich Panel Making Machine
Some products of machine for reference
EPS Vacuum Block Making Machine, Sandwich Panel Making Machine

Technical Data:
Mould cavity size
2040*1240*1030(mm) 3060*1240*1030(mm) 4080*1240*1030(mm) 6100*1240*1030(mm)
Block size
2000*1200*1000(mm) 3000*1200*1000(mm) 4000*1200*1000(mm) 6000*1200*1000(mm)
Steam entry DN80 DN80 DN150 DN150
consumption 30-50kg/cycle 50-70kg/cycle 60-90kg/cycle 100-130kg/cycle
pressure 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Compressed Air entry DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40
consumption 1.5-2 m 3 /cycle 1.8-2.2 m 3 /cycle 2-2.5 m 3 /cycle 2-3 m 3 /cycle
pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Cooling water entry DN40 DN40 DN40 DN40
consumption 0.2-0.4 m 3 /cycle 0.4-0.6 m 3 /cycle 0.6-0.8 m 3 /cycle 0.8-1 m 3 /cycle
pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa
Drainage vacuum drain Φ125mm Φ125mm Φ125mm Φ125mm
steam vent Φ100mm Φ100mm Φ200mm Φ200mm
condensate Φ100mm Φ100mm Φ100mm Φ100mm
Blower outlet Φ125mm Φ125mm Φ150mm Φ150mm
Throughput 15kg/m 3 5min/cycle 6min/cycle 7min/cycle 8min/cycle
20.5-24.5kw 20.5-24.5kw 24.5-35.5kw 24.5-35.5kw
Overall dimension L*W*H 5700*4000*2850(mm) 7200*4500*3000(mm) 11000*4500*3000(mm) 2600*3960*2906(mm)
6000kg 7200kg 12000kg 15000kg
Room height required
6000mm 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm