Merchant ship Mitsui promotes propeller hub cap fin noise reduction technology

Merchant Marine Mitsui announced that the EcoAction Program in Vancouver Port of Canada has selected the propeller hub fin as a ship noise reduction technology. The propeller hub cap fin was jointly developed by Merchant Marine Mitsui, West Japan Fluid Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. and Nakajima Propeller Co., Ltd. and sold by Merchant Marine Mitsui Technology Trading Co., Ltd.

         The Fraser Port Authority's Ecological Action Plan will implement a port fee discount for vessels that have implemented voluntary mitigation measures and other environmentally friendly practices. From January 1, 2017, ships equipped with propeller hub fins and passing through Vancouver Harbour will be eligible for Bronze approval and a 23% port discount. The propeller hub cap fins have been phased in as a technique to reduce cavitation and reduce underwater noise.

         The propeller hub cap fin is an energy-saving device that reduces the fuel consumption of the ship by 3% to 5% by dissipating the hub vortex generated behind the rotating propeller and improving the efficiency of the propeller. Since the invention of the propeller hub fin in 1987, its efficiency has been recognized around the world, and the device has been loaded with more than 3,000 ships. In addition, pool tests have confirmed that noise can be reduced by 3-6 decibels over a specific underwater frequency range by dissipating the hub vortex generated behind the rotating propeller. This advantage is what led to the choice of the propeller hub cap fins in the Vancouver Port Eco-Action Plan.

         The propeller hub fin is a device that protects the environment to varying degrees. Not only can the ship's fuel consumption be reduced and CO2 emissions reduced, but marine life, including whales, can be effectively protected by reducing underwater noise caused by merchant ships.

Take-up block housing also known as take-up Bearing Housing.

Take-up block housing / take-up bearing housing is a commonly used blocks in manufacturing, mining, and construction industries for mounting self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves or cylindrical bores. They are designed for use on conveyors, dryers, road building equipment, run-out tables, fans, crushers, hammer mills, and many other high-precision, heavy duty applications.


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Materials: Ductile iron, Grey iron, Steel Castings

Surface treatment: painting, powder coating, zinc plating, only oiled

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Take-up Blocks

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