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1 Modern cleaning method of generator cooler Generator technology Modern cleaning method of generator cooler Wang Xueqiang An Xiaoming 1. Guo Yumin Liu Ling 1. Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., Renhe Company, Heilongjiang Harbin 5,402. Harbin Labor Bureau of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection, Heilongjiang Harbin 15,76. In the history of generator technology development, the most prominent is the cooling technology. After the advanced conductors are directly cooled by the air-cooled motor, the single-machine capacity can be increased by 10 times to reach the turbine generator above 260 cubits. After cold or water hydrogen cooling, it can reach hundreds of thousands or even tens of megawatts. The hydro-generator can reach tens of millions of megawatts after adopting the technology of turning waves, wind rotors, pan coils and heat sinks. Evaporative cooling technology is being actively developed, and some experts have called for the use of this cooling method in the world's largest capacity grade gorge generator 7, 耵1. Regardless of the cooling technique used, the chiller is turned off. And several coolers are constantly being updated and finished. Long-term use of bismuth copper bismuth + copper wire around the yellow type, higher wood, lower efficiency, and heavier weight. In recent years, through research and experimentation, we have successfully developed various new types of coolers, such as the most advanced aluminum foil-type sheet-squeezing type in the world, and rectified the heating circuit in the closed-circuit medium-speed wind tunnel. Systems such as control and measurement have been successfully simulated, and their heat transfer performance and wind resistance characteristics have been mastered. Now they have been approved as industry-wide standards.

As the performance of the coolers increases, their function and function are also more important. Any chiller failure can cause local overheating or even burnout of the generator. However, whether it is an empty water cooler or a hydrogen water cooler. Frequent waves block the cold, 1 reality asks, although it has taken measures such as pre-filtering, it must be frequently ± also flushed, both to stop production, but also to disassemble and reload, manpower and material resources. Financial resources and other losses are large. In order to solve such a kind of question that the station is very concerned about. Nowadays, the modern cleaning method of scientific science has been developed, which not only mentions the cleaning quality and efficiency 5 but also does not require downtime, and does not need to remove the cooler from the generator.

1 Resin particle flushing method of hydro-generator cooler The cooler of hydro-generator is usually cooled by river water in the spot. 1 The water contains aquatic organisms such as algae and other impurities, and the cooler must be cleaned frequently to avoid the influence. Cooling the effector to block the traditional, wash the cooler from the generator, hang it to a spacious place to remove the rectangular flange end caps at both ends, and then flush many parallel cooling tubes.

For underground or semi-underground power stations, the roof must also be opened to lift. After rinsing, it must be reinstalled in reverse order. Because the cooler is very heavy, and there are more than 10 coolers on the generator, it is heavy and unsafe.

After years of trial and error research, recently developed advanced scientific and modern cleaning methods, high-quality and high-efficiency washing without removing the cooler, that is, air + 7jC + resin particles as a cleaning material.

1.1 Mixing of cleaning materials In the past, water or air was used, and a proper amount of solid material particles, such as iron sand aluminum sand, was used as a cleaning material. The water was not as good as air in entering a small space, and the air was better than the air in the cleaning effect. No water; it will rub against heat when it is mixed with solid particles, and it needs to be cooled. In order to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, comprehensive optimization, and finally developed a hybrid cleaning material of water + air + synthetic resin particles.

1.2 The preference of the solid particles is prior to the determination of the resin. Once on aluminum-iron copper. The granule washing efficiency of ceramic synthetic resin sand wood ice fiber glass is repeatedly compared, taking into account the removal of algae into the fine space, the specific gravity is close to the water, the piping is compatible, the electrical corrosion is not harmful, the operation is safe, and it is not easy to combine with other cleaning materials. The operation price is cheap, etc., and comprehensive comparison and optimization are carried out item by item. The final result is that synthetic resin is the best, followed by ice-sand ceramic glass iron-copper fiber wood.

1.3 The ratio of the mixed materials is determined after the intervening resin is used as the inner body particles. The specific gravity and the dimensions were repeatedly tested and compared. In the case of three kinds of specific gravity 1, the permeability of the mixed cooling tube thin tubes 13 and 8 with water and the scraping property of the dirt were analyzed. Preferably, the specific gravity is 1 and the water is as close as possible, and the size of the resin particles is preferably 351. On the basis of this, the final preferred ratio of the mixed cleaning material is water 25 yang, air 431 is 1. resin granule 5, and the formulation can be further optimized in consideration of the internal air volume of the cooler.

1.4 Cleaning method The factory surface briefly introduces the main process methods of flushing the cooler with mixed cleaning materials, and points out the necessary process equipment testing instruments. Water chestnut 25, the water is pumped out of the pool, and the water is pressed to the mixer through the pressure and the valve. The air compressor is used to press the air through the valve to the two roads through the pressure gauge to enter the same mixer, and the other road is After the first valve of the other side resin cylinder is pressed into the mixer, the mixer with the pressure gauge safety valve mixes the separately injected 7-foot air resin pellets and injects the composite cleaning materials through their own valves. After the cooler is flushed and rinsed, the cleaning material is discharged from the cooler outlet and enters the resin particle recovery cylinder. The water is pumped to drain the resin particles.

1.5 The cleaning effect has proved that the rice can be cleaned by the new method only one can exceed the cleaning effect of the traditional method 3,1, so that the time consumption is reduced to the original 13. Since the generator has about 10 cooling units There are often multiple units in a power station. After adopting this new method, there is no need to disassemble the cooler. The effective working hours and auxiliary working hours can be saved a lot, the washing quality is greatly improved, and the operation is safer. It can bring great economic benefits to the users of the power station. 2 The steamer of the steam turbine generator is different from the air conditioner of the steam generator. The cooler of the steam turbine generator is usually the cooler. The hydrogen 7-foot heat exchanger has a large unit capacity because the heat capacity of hydrogen is seven times that of air. Turbine generators are adjacent to their thermal power plants, and some are even located in mining areas, and their coolers are often contaminated with acid minerals. Although the purifier can filter out most of the silt, iron and manganese, etc., 1 , the water heat exchanger is often blocked, causing the generator to have to reduce the load, or even stop production. The traditional cleaning method is to stop the machine and perform manual brushing, which not only takes time and labor, causes the loss of production, and the hard object formed in the cooler tube is also brushed down. In order to improve this situation, especially the shutdown cleaning, the chemical process is adopted. Various experimental studies were conducted. The method of circulating liquid cleaning is discussed. However, this method is not ideal because of the discharge and treatment of the waste liquid after the leakage of the corrosive liquid. Afterwards, it was finally developed successfully whether it was approved by many users; whether the price and service life of refractory materials can achieve the best results; the production capacity of refractory manufacturers and the quality assurance system can meet the requirements of refractory materials. Production requirements; Can you provide comprehensive technical description and construction materials for refractory materials, and whether there are professional and technical personnel to carry out on-site construction technical guidance and supervision.

It is recommended that when using the unit to purchase refractory materials, it should be commissioned by a professional inspection agency in time; the refractory material use unit shall be used as the inspection mustard to supervise the construction and installation of the refractory lining; the technical water of the installer shall be pre-measured. This will greatly reduce the future maintenance costs; in addition to complying with the design requirements during construction and installation, the oven should be heated according to the heating curve provided by the refractory manufacturer.

It is recommended that the power plant should strictly carry out regular maintenance, which is usually minor repairs and annual overhauls. Minor repairs are minor repairs to severely worn areas. In the operation of the boiler, the number of shutdowns should be minimized. Multiple shutdowns and start-ups will cause thermal shock cyclic fatigue fatigue of the refractory material, and local cracks will be widened. If permanent cracks are found during maintenance, repair them in time. You can use acid high temperature adhesives and some high-aluminum fine powders to mix and repair them. You can also use special repair materials to repair them. Should pay attention to small encounters, such as + and, the repair cracking group will continue to add a ruler, when the ash enters the insulation layer from the crack, the ash content gradually increases in the gap for a long time, and the furnace wall will be caused to collapse.

In the determination of chemical cleaning materials, the sediment samples formed in the cooler tubes were subjected to multiple tests and analyses. In order to enable them to be dissolved and removed, the foaming detergent was properly concentrated, and the results showed that the concentrated hydrochloric acid solution was the most effective. However, considering the corrosiveness of the cooler tube, a chelating solution of formic acid and acetic acid was finally selected.

There is no need to stop the machine when cleaning the cooler with this new method. The generator can be properly de-loaded. The hydrogen-cooled steam turbine generator usually has 46 coolers. When cleaning, the table cooler is stopped and separated. . The cooling water is discharged into a foam with a mixture of formic acid and acetic acid, and then the chiller is rinsed with the foaming detergent. The rinsing duration is only 1 time plus other auxiliary time, and each chiller needs a total of 牝The entire process of cleaning can be completed. And so on, continue to clean the next cooler.

Practice has proved. After calling this new method. The temperature of the hydrogen used for cooling in the turbine generator is lowered, indicating that the function of the cooler is improved after the cleaning, and the generator is quickly restored to the rated power full state. No hydrogen leakage occurred, and there was no such problem as excessive thermal stress in the cooling tube due to cleaning.

Industry information China's most efficient turbine runner development success The real machine efficiency is as high as 95.08 to reach the world's advanced level. Recently, the Harbin Daji Institute has successfully developed a new type of runner for the efficiency of domestic Francis turbines. 1 The efficiency of the machine is as high as 95.08, which is equivalent to the world advanced level in the 1990s.

The runner model is 575 for the natural bridge level 56 unit. It is 0.46 higher than the contract acceptance value.

The main measure taken to increase efficiency is to optimize the hydraulic channel. Increase the diameter of the runner using performance pre-, software, etc. For high-head power stations, the general trend in the world is to increase the height of the vanes.

The increase of the area of ​​the runner into the area of ​​1 is advantageous for the combination of the flow area. Increased distribution and efficiency. For the low specific speed turbine, the hydraulic loss of the volute and the water guiding mechanism 1 is relatively high, and the optimization of the hydraulic approach is beneficial to improve the efficiency. The diameter of the large runner outlet is beneficial to reduce the cavitation coefficient. The runner design is also combined with the modified juice and the juice setting machine. The flow field analysis and performance are analyzed by the full-dimensional viscous flow numerical analysis program. Estimate the software for performance estimation and so on. The cavitation coefficient of the new high-efficiency runner is as low as 0.064. In addition to the Tiansheng Bridge, it can also be applied to other 230, large-scale power stations in the water head section, and other small and medium-sized hydropower stations with appropriate parameters. Li Liangui



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