·GM is committed to leading the way in the way of transportation

GM recently published the 2014 Sustainability Report, stating that the company is achieving new goals and values ​​by enhancing customer loyalty, introducing cutting-edge technology and promoting community development in its markets, and articulating 216,000 GM employees worldwide. A joint effort in this regard.
Under the leadership of General Motors CEO Mary Barra, the company aims to build a safer, smarter, greener car through these initiatives and further integrate sustainability into GM's corporate culture.
Bob Ferguson, senior vice president of global public policy at GM, said: "GM is currently undergoing unprecedented changes to lead the transformation of the entire automotive industry. From our laboratory to the assembly line, all of GM's employees are improving their travel options. Create a better world."
Increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles produced and sold by GM's energy-efficient GMs, thereby reducing the negative impact of the vehicle on the environment.
For example, the new generation of cars manufactured by Shanghai General Motors has reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 8% compared to the previous generation. In 2014, GM China held the Fuel-Saving Challenge for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrating the superior fuel economy of Buick, Chevrolet and Baojun brands.
At the same time, GM China and joint ventures plan to further expand the lineup of new energy vehicles, including hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, extended range electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles.
Looking ahead, GM and Shanghai Jiaotong University have signed a memorandum of cooperation, and the two parties will use the Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 concept electric vehicle designed and manufactured in Shanghai to carry out vehicle sharing projects. The project will help GM achieve its vision of a future transportation with zero emissions, zero accidents, and zero blockage, and get rid of the car's dependence on oil.
In addition, GM China helps the Wuhan University of Technology's Education Promotion Partnership (PACE) to promote the next generation of automotive talent.
Reducing the impact of production activities on the environment GM's focus also extends to production, focusing on creating environmentally responsible production methods. At the same time, the company continues to invest in renewable energy on a global scale.
GM's manufacturing facilities in China are among the company's most efficient factories in the world. GM's 12 joint venture plants in China have met the US Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® standard. This means that the energy consumption of these 12 plants has dropped by 10% in five years.
GM has 122 waste landfill plants worldwide, 11 of which are in China. These waste zero landfill plants demonstrate the company's exciting vision: to be the first car company in the world to produce landfill waste at all production sites. In 2014, GM's recycling and reuse of materials reached 2.5 million tons – equivalent to 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, far offsetting the company's global production process.
Supporting Sustainability Through its unremitting efforts and the support of other organizations, GM is committed to addressing the sustainability challenges facing the automotive industry.
In 2014, GM launched a series of corporate social responsibility activities in China including “Return to Habitat”, “Safety Children” and “Chevrolet • Red Chalk Rural Education Program”.
At the 2014 China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference held in Beijing, GM China won the fourth place in the “2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Best Enterprise Award (World Top 500 List)”. At the same time, GM also won the certification of the Wildlife Habitat Council of the United States for its wildlife habitat and its outstanding contribution to improving biodiversity. It became the first inhabited in China. The local environmental protection project has obtained the certificate of the international non-profit organization certificate.
To learn more about GM's contribution to innovation in transportation, please visit the 2014 Sustainability Report at

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