·The United States Free Air car purifier promotion meeting was held in Beijing

At present, the problem of air pollution inside the car has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten threats to human health. Calling people to pay attention to the air quality inside the car and improve the environmental awareness in the car is not only a corporate responsibility, but also a social responsibility.

On May 11, 2015, the 2015 Beijing International Road Transportation, Urban Bus and Parts Exhibition was held in Beijing National Convention Center. It was jointly organized by Beijing Excellence Point Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yuxing Haoyang Technology Co., Ltd. The theme of the car was “Carbon Air Quality in the Car” and the Free Air Car Purifier Promotion Conference was held in the same period. It was widely concerned by people from all walks of life in the automotive industry.

At the seminar, there were many industry bodies from the National Indoor Interior Environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Automobile Industry Association, China Automotive Engineering Society, China Automotive Technology Research Center, China Road Transportation Association, China Tourism Vehicle and Ship Association. Leading and senior experts, representatives from many well-known automobile companies such as Yutong Bus, Jinlong Automobile, Huanghai Automobile, Youth Automobile, Foton Motor, etc., and executives from many automobile service companies such as Shouqi Group, Beiqi Group and Tianma Tourism. Leaders, as well as dozens of industry media reporters from the automotive field attended the event, and the audience was packed and gathered.

Pay attention to the pollution inside the car and enjoy healthy driving

Li Guangxi, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Guang'anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, mentioned in the speech at the event that there are more and more diseases caused by air pollution inside the car, and therefore there are more and more people visiting the hospital. The causes of air pollution in the car are mainly caused by the release of harmful substances contained in automobile parts and interior decoration materials, the entry of pollutants outside the vehicle into the vehicle, and the pollutants emitted by the car itself into the interior environment of the vehicle. Various symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue, and confusion are more and more prominent. In severe cases, coma can cause coma and death. Therefore, the air quality inside the car is especially important for the physical and mental health of the driver and the occupants.

As the harm of air pollution inside the car is known to more and more consumers, the air quality inside the car has risen to a global topic. The community has strengthened the introduction and implementation of mandatory air quality standards. The appeal. At present, there is only one technical indicator for air pollution inside the vehicle in China, that is, the “Guidelines for Air Quality Evaluation of Passenger Cars” issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on March 1, 2012. However, the Guide is not a mandatory regulation, but an industry technical standard, and does not involve any punitive regulations. It has a limited driving effect on improving the air quality of vehicles. According to Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Inspection Center, before the end of 2015, the state will introduce mandatory air quality standards for vehicles, which is expected to promote the healthy development of automobile manufacturing and environmentally friendly materials from the source.

Shi Jianwei, the first car group of the First Automobile Group, said that the Shouqi Group provides safe, high-quality, comfortable and fast transportation services for important party and national conferences, international exchanges for the country and the capital, large-scale conferences, business activities, sightseeing and public transportation. , enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. We pay great attention to the car service literacy, so we have very high requirements for the air quality inside the car. Whether it is a big car or a small car, we all require the service personnel to do the window ventilation and other air pollution prevention work in advance.

In-car air purification Free Air shows its talents

The overall air quality situation in China's car is worrying, and it has become a huge hidden danger to human health, but it also promotes the rapid development of the car purifier market. However, in fact, the car purifier has evolved from the design and function of the home purifier. They are smaller and more compact than home purifiers, saving space. However, in terms of filter materials and actual efficacy, they are mixed. At present, everyone is generally concerned about the price level, placement position, materials used, purification methods, antibacterial detoxification and other factors in the purchase of car purifiers. The purification method is generally divided into two methods: filter and ion group. The filter purification mainly uses the fan to pump air into the machine, and the filter membrane performs air filtration and purification. The ion group purification mainly uses ion generator to eject ions into the air. Groups, actively purify air pollution; and more and more people are more concerned about whether the car purifier can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the car, and thus effectively prevent diseases such as influenza.

Liu Xueqin, product director of Beijing Free Air China Co., Ltd., told the reporter: "Free Air products are produced by Foxconn. Its unique composite filter material can remove 99.99999% of pathogens (including viruses, Bacteria and spores) provide protection against ultra-fine particles; powerful system design provides users with highly pure positive pressure air (reducing the amount of self-breathing); its main unit size is only 26.5 cm* 18.6cm*5.7 cm It weighs about 1.7 kg and can be installed in homes and offices. It can be carried around or used as a car air purifier. Its portable features are very popular. Under standard conditions, the air flow can reach 180 l/min, and the fan can work continuously for 70,000. Hours, the main filter membrane can be used for 3-5 years; the product can be hung in the back of the front seat, saving space and high-grade atmosphere. The product is placed vertically, the air is pushed in and out, according to the ordinary economy car. In terms of space, the air inside the car can be completely purified in ten minutes, allowing the driver and passenger to breathe freely into the healthy and healthy air.

Highway Sound Barrier

Brief introduction
Acoustic Barrier For Highway is mainly used as a noise reduction of road, highway, viaduct and other noise sources. It is a kind of barrier set at the side of road or railway in order to reduce the impact of vehicles' noise on residents nearby.
1.Material: PC Acrylic board,Plastic panle, steel sheet or aluminium sheet
2.Inner material: Glass wool
3.Sheets thickness: 0.8-1mm,but we can also design as our clients request.

4.Panel size: Width-500mm,Length2000mm is standard size ,the panel can be longer ,but no more than 4meters.


Light pollution, anti-glare, anti-aging, impact resistance and freeze resistance, sound absorption coefficient of stability, resistance to wet, easy to corrupt, easy to bend processing, easy to transport, disassembling maintenance convenience, price reasonable, and can spray all sorts of color.


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