Plastic Color Mixer (BM SERIES)

Additional Capabilities: Drying
Operating type: Cycle Operating
Condition: New
Model: Bm-1000
Capacity: 1000kg/1800L
Type: Vertical
Material: Masterbatch
Transport Package: Wooden Package
Specification: ISO
Origin: China
HS Code: 8477800000
Plastic color mixer:
1, Material tank and propeller blades are made of stainless steel, eliminating rust corrosion and easy to wash;
2, The frame is of framework design, solid and durable;
3, Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steedy operation;
4, The standing operation of color mixer allows little space;
5, Mixing in a sealed manner, uniform mixing and no leakage definitely;
6, The plastic color mixer has small horse-power, large mixing capacity and fast speed to realize a uniform mixing in 3~5 minutes;
Model Capacity(Kg) Power Rotating Speed (R/MIN) Dimensions     
(mm L*W*H)
BM-300 300KG/540L 2HP 1.1KW 460 1300*850*2300
BM-500 500KG/960L 3HP 2.2KW 460 1400*1000*2400
BM-1000 1000KG/1800L 5HP 3.75KW 460 1700*1300*2800
BM-2000 2000KG/3600L 7.5HP 5.5KW 460 2300*1800*3400
BM-3000 3000KG/5400L 7.5HP 5.5KW 460 2500*2100*3800
BM-5000 5000KG/9000L 10HP 7.5KW 460 2900*2400*4700
BM-10000 10000KG/18000L 20HP 18.5KW 460 2.7*2.7*6.5M

Sesame Proessing Plant

We are the specialized and top manufacturers in China and We offer full set Sesame Proessing Plant solution. Whole Seed Cleaning Plant is from Pre-cleaning, Fine cleaning, Destining, Gravityseparating, Beans polishing,Seed coating, Last seed weighing and packing.

The Seed Cleaning & Processing Line is composed of several single machines. Base on different grain type and processing grain, we will suggest appropriate grain cleaning machines. These grain cleaning machines arecollocated freely. Between each machines, there are  Bucket Elevator Inclined Evator or other conveying equipment to link up.

Sesame Seed Cleaning & Processing Plant has followingadvantages:

Easy to setup, machines easyto move and can be placed freely.

Save labor, there are middleconveyors to transfer grain from one machine to another.

Effective and low cost, singlemachines compose a seed processing line improve the working performance. Lowproduction cost makes it hot sale.

Above flexibility andconvenience makes Seed Cleaning & Processing Plant makes it becoming hot sales item.

Seed Processing Line installationeffect and introduction.

This Grain Cleaning & Processing Plant iscomposed of 5XZC-5DX  Seed Cleaner & Grader, 5XZ-5   Gravity Separator DTY Bucket Elevator5BYX-5 Seed Coating Machine, and HLD-50  Bagging Scale System.

Working flow: The seeds arefed into 5XZC-5DX Seed Cleaner &grader first. Seed cleaner & grader will remove the dust, lightimpurity, oversize and undersize impurity before seed flow into 5XZ-5 gravity separator. During seeds cleaned by Gravity Separator, the seeds are separated by density difference. Thepartially eaten seeds, immature seeds, insect damaged seed, sick seeds, moldyseeds are separated from good healthy seeds. Then seeds go on being lifted by DTY Bucket Elevator, falling into the 5BYX-5 Seed Coating Machine. During the seed coating procedure, the chemical,fertilizer or other protective liquidity will be coated to seeds' surface andimprove seeds' germination rate. Finally seeds being transferred to Weighing Scale . Seeds will be weightedand packed to bags ready for sell.

Sesame Proessing Plant

Seed Processing Line

Seed Cleaning Plant

Seed Cleaning & Processing Line

Seed Cleaning & Processing Plant

Sesame Processing Plant

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