1.5 Ton CS915 Euro 3 Engine Wheel Loader

Model NO.: cs915
Bucket Capacity: 0.55m3
High Quality: Best Price
Size: 4250X1850X2650mm
Fork: Pallet Fork Grapple Fork
Munltifnction Job: 4 in 1 Bucket
Usage: Universal Type
Scraper Type: Pull Scraper
Load and Unload Method: Front Discharge
Trademark: Map Power
Transport Package: 3 Units in 40′hq
Specification: ISO9001
Origin: China
HS Code: 8429105
Wheel loader 915 CE Euro 3 Engine
Hydraulic Quick Hitch
Electric shift optional
Heating Cabin
Adjustable Steering Wheels
Comfortable Operator's seats
Supply all kinds of accessory

Weifang Map Power is real factory to produce all kinds of wheel loaders, such as: ZL08 ZL10 ZL12, ZL16, ZL20, ZL30, ZL16 Long-armed Loader, ZL50GI Loader, Big Ore Loader, Coal Loader, Long-armed Loader, High-efficiency Loader.

Streamlined appearance, beautiful and elegant

Performance Features of CS915 Wheel Loader

1. The wheel loader uses a hydromechanical transmission which can make full use of engine power, and can have an automatic variable transmission according to the external resistance. It avoids power failure of the engine due to suddenly increased external load. The wheel loader can absorb and eliminate the vibration and impact of external load on engine. It protects the drive system and engine, increases the service life, and facilitates the operation, and achieves higher economical and production efficiency.
2. The wheel loader uses the central articulated frame and load sensing hydraulic steering gear. The machine can achieves short turning radius and superposition of the front and rear tracks upon turning (this will ensure safe driving). The wheel loader has the advantage of easy operation on narrow sites, flexible operation, safety, convenient maintenance and so on.
3. The wheel loader uses four-wheel drive, low-pressure wide base off-road tires and an oscillating rear axle, so it has sound off-road performance, good traffic ability and larger traction.
4. The wheel loader is equipped with a single-pipe type hydraulic four-wheel brake.

5. Streamline design, elegant appearance. Direct injection engine, dynamic reserves, high efficiency and energy saving.

6. The entire vehicle hydraulic transmission, automatic regulation of output torque, and infinitely variable speed, flexible and portable operation.

7.240 type hydraulic torque converter, fixed shaft type power shift gear box, large power, strong climbing ability, high reliability.

8. To realize stepless speed, flexible operation, improving the operation efficiency. Avoid the mechanical shift when the impact caused by the mechanical barrier, and has overload protection function, to extend the service life.

9. The advanced hydraulic system and high quality parts, to ensure the high reliability of the whole machine is more reasonable, power matching.

10. Using low voltage and wide tyres, having excellent cross-country performance and through the performance, operation ability, long service lifte etc.

11. Full function, the use of a wide range of iron ore, coal, municipal engineering, construction sites, plant material, terminals and other materials. Unloading, site formation, lifting and towing the best tools.

12. Optional wood clamping machine, grass cutting machine, bucket, narrow side tipper, four in one bucket configuration function.

Wheel loader 1.5 ton Application

The ZL15 /915 wheel loader is used for loading or transporting sands, coal residue, and sandstone and so on for road construction, environmental sanitation, small and medium-sized civil engineering, or in the station, warehouses and other places. The wheel loader can be combined with auto truck of 3-5tons to load and unload goods, and can conduct bulldozing, digging hoisting and other operations.

Various working devices of attachment are available, such as wooden fork, grass fork, stone bucket, enlarged bucket, meet different jobs.

Origin Shandong, China
Shipment 3 units in 40 FCL
Shipment 1 unit in 20 FCL
Delivery time: 15-20 day after receive the deposit
Payment terms: 30% T/T deposit, balance before shipment.
Engine Type In-line arrangement, Water cooled, 4 cylinders diesel engine
Rated Power 37KW

Rated Speed 2400rpm
Overall Dimension
1 Length(with bucket on ground) 4900(mm)
2. Width(to outside of wheels) 1830(mm)
3 Bucket width 1700(mm)
4 Height(To the top of the cab) 26500(mm)
5 Wheel base 2060(mm)
6 Tread 1400(mm)
7 Min. ground clearance 210(mm)
Main Technical Specification
1 Rated load 1500(Kg)
2 Operating weight 3350KG
3 Rated bucket capacity 0.5 (CBM)
4 Bucket type Heavy-duty bolt teeth
5 Max. breakout force                          36kN
6 Max. dump clearance 2650(mm)
7 Min. turning radius 4500mm
8 Driving system Hydraulic converter
9 Traveling speed(Km/h) 2 forward and 2 reverse
  (1) 1st gear forward 5.75
  (2) 2nd gear forward 23.86
  (3) 1st gear reverse 5.85 5.85
  (3) 2nd gear reverse 24
Diesel engine
1   Model A498 BT1 EURO 3                                                                                 
2 Type In-line arrangement. Water cooling
3 Rated output 37 (kW)
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 95 (mm)
5 Rated speed 2300(r/min)
6 Max. Torque 275(N. M)
7 Starting type Electric
8 Min. fuel consumption 230(g/Kw. h)
9 Net weight 240(kg)
Transmission System
A Torque Converter
1   Model YJ240
2 Type Fixed-spindle power shift
3 Cooling type Pressure oil circulating
B Transmission case
1 Type Power shift, spur gear constantly in mesh
2 Gear shift position  2 Forward and 2 reverse gears
C Axle and Tire
1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage
2 Size of tire 12-16.5
Brake system
1 Service brake 4 wheel hydraulic brake
2 Parking brake Hand operated
Steering  System
1 Type Middle articulated frame with hydraulic power steering

Slip Type Elevator

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