Analysis of Blocking Pipe of Drier in Automobile Air-conditioner

The function of the desiccant in the automobile air conditioner is to adsorb the moisture in the refrigeration system. In the air conditioner system of the automobile, desiccant should pay special attention to high strength and low abrasion. The desiccant should also have better compatibility with the refrigerant. High-quality molecular sieves have high strength, low abrasion and good water absorption properties. Therefore, molecular sieves are currently mainly used as desiccants in automotive air conditioners. The shoddy liquid storage drier adopts the low cost of desiccating agent (such as anhydrous calcium chloride, silica gel, etc.) due to its poor strength, easy to cause crushing and powdering, and poor water absorption, so often make the refrigeration system Blocked.

The sight glass has two roles: one is to indicate if there is enough refrigerant in the system, and the other is to indicate whether there is moisture in the refrigerant. The sight glass should be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion by refrigerants. To ensure the seal, the assembly methods are sintered and screw-in. The sight glass of the counterfeit liquid storage dryer is made of a material that is not resistant to corrosion by the refrigerant, resulting in a poor seal and leakage of the refrigerant.

When there is too much impurity or desiccant blocking the suction pipe in the receiver drier, the cooling effect will drop, and there will be obvious temperature difference on both sides of the drier inlet and outlet. In this case, the drier must be replaced. Due to the different performances of the two refrigerants HFC-134a and CFC-12, different liquid storage dryers are needed and they cannot be mixed. XH-7 molecular sieves should be used as desiccant for the storage dryers for HFC-134a. The 0-rings of the connection should be made of materials that are compatible with HFC-134a. Since the car air conditioner is mounted on the car, the car is bumpy and vibrating during driving so that it cannot be connected with rigid metal, and only flexible rubber hoses can be used for connection.

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