Dalian Ship Chai 2 hosts successfully submitted for inspection

Recently, Dalian Shipai realized that two hosts in the week had successfully passed the test with zero sweep.
It is reported that Dalian Shipai is the 6G70MEC#4 mainframe manufactured by Frontline's 180,000-ton bulk carrier. During the bench test, the complete machine system, reasonable pipeline layout and perfect equipment protection are 30 minutes ahead of the original planned time. The end of the test and the acceptance of the test showed the excellent quality control ability of Dalian Shipai.
The 5RTflex50D#10 mainframe manufactured for Dalian Taijia Shipowner and Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Heavy Industry was also successfully inspected. At the signing meeting, the shipowners, shipyards and ship inspection representatives expressed satisfaction and did not make any comments.
During the construction process, Dalian Shipai fully summarized the previous experience of the series of mainframes, identified and summarized the shipowner, ship inspection and shipyard's tailing project, and classified the frequently proposed sweeping opinions, and began to follow up during the host construction process. . In the process inspection, the purchased parts are checked and inspected before, after, and during the assembly process to prevent the occurrence of input quality problems. During the inspection, the opinions put forward by the shipowners and others were improved and implemented in the first time to ensure the smooth delivery of the products.

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