Guangzhou Hangxin Building Construction Project

Guangzhou Hangxin Building Construction Project (September 2011 - June 2012, 0.6 million)
Project Name: Guangzhou Hangxin Building Construction Project Area: Guangdong Progress Phase: Construction Under Construction Construction Period: September 2011 - June 2012 Major Equipment: Cranes, Excavators, Fans, Speed ​​Raising Devices, Generators, Controls Installation, adjustment system, support tower. (Please add the main equipment without crane)
Project Description:
The project is located in the west of Guangbao Road, Science City, Development Zone, Luogang District, Guangzhou, China. It is an eight-storey office building with a high-rise basement and a total floor area of ​​27,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is 60 million yuan.
Construction Unit: Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Postal address: 2nd Floor, TCL Phase 2, No.69 GuangXi West Road, Guangzhou Science City, Guangdong 5100000
Contact person: Hao Jianfei Telephone, 32019922
Design Unit: Guangzhou Kecheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Postal address: 6th Floor, Kecheng Building, No. 121 Science Avenue, Science City, Guangzhou 510663
Contact: An Li (Architectural Designer)
Telephone, 82199193, 13570920393

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