South Pumps join hands with Anxun Water

South Pumps join hands with Anxun Water

According to the South Pump News, the company recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anxuneng Water, and the two parties reached a cooperative relationship in the desalination pump business.

Anxuneng Water is the largest water treatment company in Spain and one of the largest seawater desalination companies in the world. It has participated in the construction of more than 70 desalination plants and its desalination plants produce more than 3 million cubic meters of fresh water daily. The South Pump Company, as a professional pump manufacturer, has a great advantage in product technology. However, due to the few domestic seawater desalination projects, the company is relatively slow in the development of desalination pump business. The signing of the strategic agreement between the two parties will help both parties further expand the desalination market.

Nanfang Pumps stated that the cooperation between the company and Anxuneng Water can effectively fill the gaps in domestic large-scale seawater desalination projects, which will be beneficial to the further promotion of the South Pump desalination pump products, and will help expand the South Pump's brand awareness and influence. .

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