Angang Mining research and development AMC large crusher to fill the gap

The AMC-1 large-scale intelligent multi-cylinder hydraulic crushing and development research and development, developed by Anshan Iron and Steel Group under Anshan Iron and Steel Group, recently passed the technical appraisal. This achievement at one stroke filled the gap in the domestic large-scale multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (medium-breaking) equipment manufacturing industry, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign mining equipment manufacturers for this equipment field technology and reaching an advanced level.
At present, the weight of materials broken by crushers each year amounts to tens of billions of tons, and the amount of various materials broken annually in China is about 1.8 billion tons, of which about 240 million tons are iron ore. As an efficient crusher, cone crusher has long been widely used in mine production systems. However, the development of hydraulic cone crusher in China started later and mainly in small and medium size, and its product performance and reliability all lag behind similar foreign products. Therefore, domestic mining enterprises have started importing hydraulic cone crushers in large quantities since the 1990s, and only purchase the whole machine up to 1 billion yuan each year. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the need for the construction of digital mines, the demand for large-scale intelligent multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers has also increased, but the domestic related technology research and development is almost blank. The global market for similar products is even monopolized by foreign equipment suppliers represented by Metso and Sandvik. This has seriously affected the reduction of operating costs and the development of mining equipment manufacturing in China's mining enterprises, and even threatened the strategic safety of the country's resources. As an industry leader in China's metallurgy and mining industry, Anshan Iron and Steel has long been committed to building a diversified industrial development pattern centering on resource development and vigorously promoting the planning and development of the mining equipment manufacturing industry. In response to the current situation of the large-scale intelligent multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in China, it has cooperated with Beijing University of Science and Technology since 2010, based on the efficient and intelligent crusher technology to carry out related scientific research and technological research, and integrated information technology and automation technology into R&D. In the process, AMC series large-scale intelligent multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with independent intellectual property rights was successfully developed, and 21 national patents were obtained. The application and promotion of this scientific and technological achievements marked another major breakthrough in the development of Anshan Iron and Steel's industrialization, which has a far-reaching impact on leading the iron ore industry to continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to respond to the international mining giants' implementation of price cuts and clearance strategies. According to reports, AMC crusher solves technical problems such as crusher spindle friction temperature monitoring by collecting real-time parameters such as vibration and temperature, establishes system science failure analysis model and database, and realizes comprehensive network remote monitoring and fault diagnosis. Compared with the price of 13 million yuan for the same type of foreign products, the price of AMC crusher is reduced by 30%, production efficiency is increased by 5%-10%, spare part price is reduced by 50%, and it has a high price/performance ratio. Moreover, the overall technical level of the AMC crusher has reached the advanced level of similar international products, and it can fully meet the needs of domestic mining enterprises.
AMC crusher can be widely used in the material crushing industry. It has broad market prospects in fields such as mines and infrastructure. It has obvious economic and social benefits for promoting the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry and breaking the monopoly of international mining equipment.
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