How to use the crop Germplasm Bank to increase the yield potential of crop varieties?

Under the background of modern cities, the development environment of agriculture has been further compressed. Therefore, the mode of production of agriculture needs to be changed. It is necessary to strengthen the research and promotion of good varieties and good methods of high yield and stable production of crops to promote the sustainable development of agriculture. The use of crop germplasm resources to carry out germplasm resources research and protection and utilization is one of the important contents.

Crop Germplasm Bank

Modern people have fully realized the importance and potential value of these genetic resources, and in the modern breeding work, the cultivation of many fine varieties is based on this, and the potential for increasing the yield of crop varieties is largely based on these crops. The development and utilization of germplasm resources. However, with the acceleration of modernization, the destruction of the quality of agricultural crops is very serious. Once these species disappear, they can never be restored. This is undoubtedly a loss for all humans. Therefore, the use of crop Germplasm Bank to protect crop germplasm resources changes. It's getting more and more important.
Although there is no direct link between the crop Germplasm Bank and the increased yield potential of crop varieties, it has already been mentioned that increasing the yield potential of crop varieties is based on the development and use of these crop germplasm resources, and it is necessary to develop and use them. These crop germplasm resources need to be protected first of all, so the application of crop germplasm resources is very critical. The germplasm resource bank of crops is a device that uses technology to control the temperature and humidity environment to achieve long-term storage of germplasm resources. Its role is to properly develop and use germplasm on the basis of collecting, sorting, identification, protection, and preservation. The resources will effectively realize the gene mining and large-scale development and utilization of germplasm resources, provide more excellent seed varieties for agricultural production through agricultural breeding methods, increase the yield potential of crop varieties, and make greater contribution to ensuring national food security.

Construction Hoist Steel Structure

Construction Hoist Steel Structure means the construction hoist spare parts like Construction Hoist Mast Section, Passenger Hoist Cage, Construction Hoist Wall Tie and so on.

The length of each mast section is 1508mm, the rack is fixed on the mast by three bolts and it can be exchanged. For the single cage hoist there is only one rack on the mast section, and the mast section can be used for the double cages hoist by increasing one rack. The section of the mast is diverse, select one type section according to different hoist. The mast sections are bolted together with M24 bolts and nuts to form mast. The mast is tied to the building with tie-in and is the guide rail of the cage. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of mast is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The tie-in(wall tie) is the linked part between mast and building, to keep the stabilization of the mast. Distance between the tie-in is about 6~9m alone the mast. There are several types of tie-in. Select one of them according to need, tie-in can adjust the vertical of mast in definite ranges. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of the tie-in is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The cage dimension(L×W×H)(m): 3×1.5×2.5. We can also manufacture cages of other size according to the user`s needs. The material of the cage and the door material can be steel wire weave, aluminum-plastic panel, punched-plate, figured aluminum board or other type according to user`s needs. The gate is equipped with drawing gate,include small turn over gate.

Construction Hoist Mast Section,Construction Elevator Mast Section,Passenger Hoist Cage,Construction Hoist Wall Tie, Construction Hoist Anchorage Frame