Huangpu Customs successfully “blocked” three batches of counterfeit lubricants

It is understood that these three batches of counterfeit automotive lubricants come from Malaysia and Hong Kong, all of which are small packaged products for ordinary consumers. Castrol, Shell is 4L/barrel, Mobil is 1L/support, and product models and packaging are all domestically sold. Types, and the packaging of counterfeit goods, trademarks, anti-counterfeiting labels, product descriptions, etc., are basically the same as those produced overseas, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity from the naked eye. In order to make counterfeit goods appear in the country, the Huangpu Customs and regulations department, under the guidance of the General Administration of Customs, analyzes and filters the massive imported electronic data in the customs area, captures suspicious points from it, and constantly adjusts the focus and scope of dispatching according to the customs declaration law of counterfeit goods. , on the premise of ensuring the normal clearance of legitimate trade, it will achieve a precise “blocking” of imported counterfeit infringing goods. .
Counterfeit oil (right) and genuine (left) bottles are very confusing in appearance Counterfeit oil (right) and genuine (left) bottles are very confusing in appearance

Since the beginning of this year, the Customs has further intensified efforts to investigate and deal with infringing and counterfeit goods in the import process, solved imported product quality problems from the source, and carried out in-depth cooperation with public security and industry and commerce to chase the source and break the chain and effectively safeguard the lives of domestic consumers. Health and property security. It is reported that the seizure of counterfeit automobile lubricants was the first time Huangpu Customs inspected infringing and counterfeit goods in maritime import channels. The Customs reminds consumers to purchase licensed products through formal channels in order to enjoy quality assurance.

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