Nine-meter coach car's gear recognition

Many novices like to look at their stalls when they learn the car. Of course, it takes time to practice and become familiar. Before getting on the road, you should be familiar with all the stalls. Avoid distractions and cause traffic accidents while on the road. The position of all files will be clearly displayed on the lever of the handle. The first thing for all new trainees entering the nine-meter coach is to know the stalls.


1Do not start the familiar Dongfeng coach car stalls; First of all, to clear the gear map, the clutch pedal stepped in the end shift, pay attention to whether the reverse lock, relatively familiar with the stall, pay attention to leave the gear lever, with The normal shifting mode is familiar with the gear position. Note: If you can't hang on the gear during the shift, you can press the clutch plate first, then release it, and then depress the clutch pedal again to shift gears. Generally, the gear will be smoothly engaged in the gear position. .

2. The driver is familiar with the gear while driving; the vehicle travels in an open area or on a road with a small amount of traffic and can be familiar with the gear during the journey. At this time we must adhere to the gear shift from time to time, at the same time when shifting to increase the block, and pay attention to practice oil from the match.


What is the wheelbase of the 9m coaches for many customers who purchase the 9m coaches ? With regard to the coaches, the country has a clear standard: the large truck coaches are heavy duty vehicles with a length of not less than 9m and a wheelbase of not less than 5m. Trucks, that is to say, the wheelbase of the coach, the smallest is 5 meters, nine meters coach, there are two kinds of flat and pointed, the two models equipped with diesel, gasoline, oil and gas dual-use three In terms of species, specifically, the nine-meter coach has a wheelbase of 5 meters and 5.2 meters, while the nine-meter coach has a wheelbase of 5.2 meters.

Buying a nine-meter trainer car generally requires a wheelbase of 5,200mm (ie, 5.2 meters). This is related to the test cars in many cities. Because many test cars in the test center are purchased from our company's 5.2-meter wheelbase coach. In order to pursue the passing rate of the exam, it is also a nine-meter coach vehicle to purchase this wheelbase to train students.

Twisted Paper Handle Making Machine

FY-10E twisted Paper Handle making machine (hot glue pasting system)

This is a good machine for making twisted paper handle. It pastes the twisted Paper Rope and paper strap together and cut off them for separate handles. It is running stably and fast with hot melt glue application. The handle size can be customized according to customers` request and one machine can make several different handle sizes.

hot glue twisted handle machine

handle length:190mm,152, 114mm

paper strap width:30/40mm

speed:10000 pairs per hour

Paper rope dia: 3-4mm


machine weight:1500kg

machine dimension:4200*1300*1500mm

Hot glue pasting system

the sizes can be customized according to the customers' actual needs.

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