Insufficient domestic market rate of filtration equipment

Filters have become one of the essential purification devices in the 21st century. With the development of modern industry, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, and the general filter products can no longer meet the requirements of people. And then a higher performance filter was created.

At present, countries are still working hard to study higher performance filter products. It is believed that more advanced air filters will appear soon. The performance of the air filter enables the contaminated air to be cleaned up into production and life. In the future, the development of filters will become more and more diversified.

At present, there are different types of filtration equipment on the market, including different types of filters, filters, filters, etc. Among them, filters are the most widely used filtration equipment on the market and account for half of the domestic filtration equipment market. The market share reached 53%, followed by filters and filters, which accounted for 15% and 13% respectively, and grease filtration equipment and other filtration equipment accounted for 10% and 9%, respectively.

Foreign filter equipment has a high degree of automation, and some special filter devices have emerged. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the enhancement of the filtration process and supporting measures, which greatly increase the filtering effect of the filter equipment. In contrast, in the domestic filtration equipment industry, although the current industry has developed rapidly, it has basically formed a market system, but the domestic equipment has not achieved a high rate of satisfaction with the market, and there is a big difference between the equipment efficiency and foreign advanced level.

The quality of pharmaceutical water has a great influence on the quality of medicines. Therefore, filtration equipment has become one of the important categories in the field of pharmaceutical water machinery. The filtration equipment is an important equipment for water quality pretreatment. It can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, colloids, sediment, clay, humus, and particulate matter in the water, reduce the turbidity of water, and achieve the purpose of clarification of water quality. The pharmaceutical industry is widely used.

For filtration equipment, the filtering effect is undoubtedly the most important performance indicator and the core competitiveness of the equipment. With the continuous development of new industries, the technological level of filtration equipment has been continuously improved.

With the continuous development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the demand for various types of filtration equipment will continue to grow, and domestic pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment companies will only continue to improve the efficiency of domestic filtration equipment in order to keep up with the market and meet the needs of more customers. The rapid and healthy development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

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