Sulfuric acid drying tower has a high pressure drop

China Drying Network At the 2014 annual meeting of the sulfuric acid industry held in Xi'an and the Third Session of the Sixth Session of the China Sulfuric Acid Industry Association, various sulfuric acid production and its accompanying new technologies, new products, and new equipment were introduced in an endless stream. It was dazzling. Among them, the new streamlined and regular corrugated packing product developed by Pingxiang Chetian Industrial Porcelain Factory of Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, has achieved remarkable energy-saving effect in the application of sulfuric acid plant and has attracted the attention of delegates.

It is understood that excessive pressure drop in the drying tower will cause high energy consumption and cost. The most difficult problem in this drying of sulfuric acid has been plaguing sulfuric acid producers for many years. Most of sulfuric acid drying absorption towers use traditional ceramic fillers with good acid and alkali resistance properties, but they are mostly filled in random heaps and disorderly accumulation. During the production and operation, the fillers collide with each other or friction generates a large amount of powder, blocking the gaps of the fillers and causing gas. The flow resistance increases, affecting the efficiency of production operations.

“We have found that ordinary ceramic fillers are Y-shaped and have small angles, resulting in large airflow resistance. Through 6 years of research, we have successfully developed a series of products such as S-flow-type regular corrugated packing. Since the filler has a larger specific surface area, it is less likely to clog and dry. Tower resistance is reduced by 50% to 75%, and sulfuric acid production is increased by about 20%. It is an energy-saving technology and is particularly suitable for the expansion and transformation of sulfuric acid plants.” Liu Yuqiu, general manager of Xiangxiang Chetian Industrial Porcelain Factory in Jiangxi Province, briefed reporters on the new type of filler. . Tested by the Chemical Experimental Teaching Center of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, the packing efficiency, pressure drop, and F factor of the extreme kinetic energy are all better than those of ordinary fillers, showing good mass transfer performance and reaching the domestic advanced level.

Liu Yuqiu told reporters that S-flow-type structured corrugated packing has been successfully applied to more than 20 sets of sulfuric acid production facilities such as Yuntianhua International Chemicals Co., Ltd. Sanhuan Branch, Furui Branch Sulfuric Acid Plant, and Shandong Union Chemicals Co., Ltd. The effect of energy conservation and emission reduction and efficiency increase.

“In 2012, we installed S-shaped flow-type corrugated packing in the 600,000-ton/year sulphuric acid plant air-drying tower renovation. The operation has been operating well and the production process has been stable. In March of this year, we again set up 600,000 tons/year of sulphuric acid in the second phase of the project. The filler is used on the device, and the effect is equally good.” Wang Zixi, director of the sulfuric acid plant of Sanhuan Branch of Yuntianhua International Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters happily. After the transformation, the pressure drop of the drying tower dropped from 4000 Pa to 980 Pa after the transformation. The annual steam production increased by 26,400 tons, which could generate 1.87 million yuan of profit; the flow of the acid pump decreased by 100 cubic meters per hour, and the electricity bill could save electricity 69,100 yuan per year. At the same time, the production capacity will increase by 4%, and the annual output will increase by 24,000 tons of sulfuric acid, which will increase the annual efficiency of 3,379,200 yuan. In December 2012, Yuntianhua International Chemicals Furui Branch Sulfuric Acid Plant also used S-flow corrugated packing in its 800,000-ton/year sulphuric acid plant and this year it will also be applied on another sulphuric acid plant.

The reporter interviewed Xintai Mingrui Chemical Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Panzhihua Deming Chemical Co., Ltd. respectively. They stated that the application was very good. Yang Wanjun, general manager of Mingrui Chemical Company, introduced that the company's 300,000-ton/year, 150,000-ton/year pyrite-based sulphuric acid plant was put into operation in September 2012 and April 2010, respectively, but due to the large system resistance, not only the production cost High, low conversion rate and poor cooling effect also affect the production capacity of acid production and indirectly affect the power generation of supporting waste heat boilers. After the modification of the two sets of sulphuric acid plant fillers in 2013, the resistance of the dry suction tower decreased from 3,080 Pa to 1,100 Pa, respectively, from 3,570 Pa to 1280 Pa; the daily output of 98% sulphuric acid increased by 89 tons, and the acid consumption per tonne was reduced by 5.28 kilowatt-hours. 3.24 kwh increase. After the transformation, at least 830 million yuan in economic benefits will be added every year, and the cost will be recovered in about 4 months.

Wang Lin, deputy general manager of Sichuan Panzhihua Deming Chemical Co., Ltd., said that in July 2013, the company's annual production capacity of 160,000 tons of pyrite-sulfuric acid plant was changed to overhaul, and the packing of the drying tower was changed from traditional structured packing to a new type. Streamlined structured packing, field measurement data after driving showed that the drying tower resistance drop from 2300Pa to 550Pa; spray amount decreased by 20%, acid pump current decreased by 20A, production capacity increased by 20%, and the annual increase in benefit was about 1.5 million.

“Our country's sulphuric acid production was 86.5 million tons last year. If we reform the drying tower packing with 40% capacity, we will be able to produce 6.5 million tons of sulfuric acid annually. Together with the energy-saving effect, it will bring huge economic benefits to the company. In 2014, At the annual meeting of the sulfuric acid industry, we have just received a few orders,” said Liu Yuqiu.

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