Kunlun Alkali Industry One Million Tons of Soda Project Completed and Put into Production

It was learned from the China National Salt Industry Corporation that a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan in the 1 million tons/year soda ash project of China Salt Qinghai Kunlun Alkali Industry Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation on August 7.

It is reported that the project is supporting the construction of a 1.8 million-ton/year lake salt mining project, 300,000 tons/year coal mining project, and 1.2 million tons/year limestone mining project. Ammonia-alkali process alkali production process, the main products are soda ash, light soda ash and edible alkali.

The project is located in the Ring Economy Industrial Park in Delingha, Qinghai Province and covers an area of ​​71 hectares. Since its construction in 2009, when it is completed, it is expected to realize an annual sales income of 1.2 billion yuan, a tax of 260 million yuan, and more than 1,500 new jobs.

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