The car "three bags" is yellow again?

After waiting for nearly seven years, the automobile "three guarantees" policy is again yellow? Yesterday, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as the China Automobile Association) held a press conference to put forward opinions on the “Three Guarantees” (including repairs, refunds, and replacements) of automobiles. China Automobile Association believes that at this stage, the relevant supporting system for the implementation of "Three Guarantees" for automotive products is not perfect, and the "Three Guarantees" for automotive products are fully implemented. The environmental conditions are not yet completely available and it is not suitable for implementation in a hurry.

The "three guarantees" policy of the car for nearly seven years has recently begun again. In 2004, the Regulations on the Responsibility of the Repair, Replacement, and Return of Household Automobile Products (Draft for Solicitation) was re-admitted to the public on September 21 this year after adjustment. However, in the view of the China Automobile Association, there is still no implementation of the automobile. "Three packs" of conditions, rushing to implement may cause damage to the interests of consumers. “How to define 'serious' safety performance failure? In the process of returning the whole vehicle, who should bear the costs of the card, the insurance cost and the related tax rate... At present, the implementation of 'Three Guarantees' still faces many difficulties.” In this regard, China Automobile Association Deputy Secretary-General Ye Shengji said.

Is the car "three bags" will be difficult to produce this? In this regard, Ye Shengji believes that automobile sales are indeed very complex, involving insurance, banking and other aspects, even if the foreign mature automobile market is also some did not implement the "Three Guarantees" policy, therefore, China's automobile "Three Guarantees" policy also It should not be hurriedly introduced, but pilots can be carried out in some cities.

Fixing Angle

Tower Crane fixing angle is used for the fixation of one sets of tower crane. Usually the fixing angle is installed into the ground together with the pouring concrete. Based on whether the fixing angle could be reused or not, it has been divided into two types, one is Tower Crane Fixing Angle, the other is Tower Crane Reusable Fixing Angle.

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