Mass spectrometry vacuum pump maintenance methods

Pre- pump maintenance 1. Safety information pump must be properly trained technicians to maintain;
Confirm the technician is very familiar with the product of pump oil and system;
Pump must be stopped before maintenance, down to a safe temperature; disconnect the pump and other components and the circuit connection to avoid accidents;
Maintenance is completed, before not connected to the power, re-check the pump rotation direction;
'O'rings and washers can not be reused if damaged;
During operation, pumps and oils can be contaminated with chemicals. Therefore, it should be confirmed that the pump is clean, and take adequate measures to prevent the harm of these hazardous substances to personnel;
After maintenance, should check whether there is a leak, if any, should be re-sealed;
Do not touch or inhale products that are thermally degraded by the pump at elevated temperatures (260 ° C). They are dangerous, including oils, greases and vacuum grease.
Check the front vacuum pump oil level:
If necessary, check the oil level while the pump is running, but disconnect the front vacuum pump and related components from the power supply if you want to pump in.
1. Check whether the oil level is below the minimum limit or below the maximum limit by the visual window of the front vacuum pump .
2. If the oil level is at the minimum or below the minimum limit, open the fuel filler hole and fill it to the upper limit. If the oil level is too full, let it go through the outlet.
3. If the oil pollution is serious, let go of polluted oil, clean the pump after adding clean oil.
Replace the front vacuum pump oil:
1. Turn on the pump for 10 minutes to heat the pump oil, then shut off the pump (the oil is heated to reduce its viscosity, which is easier to pour out).
2. Disconnect the pump and circuit and vacuum system.
3. Remove the filler hole plug.
4. Place the pump on a suitable support (eg stool) to facilitate tilting of the pump and place the appropriate container in the drain port. Remove the drain plug and let the oil flow to the container under gravity.
5. When the oil is contaminated:
5.1 Remove the filler hole plug, pour clean oil.
5.2 reconnect the pump and the circuit connection, open the pump running for 5-10 minutes.
5.3 Disconnect the pump and circuit, remove the drain plug, so that the oil flow out.
5.4 Repeat the above steps until the pump is clean.
6. Plug the drain plug, remove the support, reconnect the pump and circuit and vacuum system connection.
7. Install new oil until the oil level reaches near the MAX position.
8. Wait a few minutes until the oil is pumped to the pump, add oil if necessary (pump off again). Plug in the filler hole.
Checking and Cleaning the Front Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter 1. Unscrew the inlet adapter and remove the 'O' ring, retaining ring and inlet filter.
2. Clean the inlet filter with a suitable solution and dry the inlet filter.
3. Replace inlet filter, circlips, O'ring and inlet adapter.
Clean the front vacuum pump carrier gas filter:
1. Remove the retaining washer.
2. Remove the wire mesh and filter components.
3. Clean the wire mesh and filter element with a suitable solvent, re-install on the pump after drying.
4. Re-fasten the retaining washer.
Clean the motor fan around:
1. Turn off the pump and disconnect it from the mains.
2. Use a dry cloth or brush to remove the motor fan cover and fence contaminants.
If the motor fan cover and the surrounding does not remain clean, the airflow into the motor will be limited, causing the pump to overheat.

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