The construction machinery market needs to be standardized

Since the beginning of this year, sales in the crane industry have risen sharply. Especially in March, the single-month sales of the industry have crossed the 6800 mark, which represents a year-on-year increase of 58%, which is the highest in history. According to incomplete statistics, the total channel inventory of various manufacturers in the industry reached a maximum of nearly 2,000 units, and thus the industry has experienced unprecedented sales in the peak season.

Duan Jiaxuan, researcher of China Investment Advisor Machinery Industry, pointed out that after experiencing high-speed growth in 2010, the construction machinery market was facing unprecedented challenges in 2011. Although it can maintain the optimistic outlook of the machinery industry, the decline in growth rate is an inevitable trend. In the first quarter of 2011, the market for construction machinery sales continued to applaud. However, the market reversed in the second quarter. We can see that although the sales volume in the first quarter was affected by the policy effect of the beginning of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the continuation effect of the market in 2010, it reversed. The advancement of the situation is due in large part to the over-promotion of the market in the first quarter.

In 2011, the bank credit tightened and the company's capital chain was tight. However, the market did not make a full transition. Instead, the policy created a huge sales promotion. However, because the sales promotion measures are mostly zero-down payment, similar threshold reduction The method led the industry to advance overdrafts. Although the rapid growth of corporate performance has been achieved in the short term, the vicious competition has led to a significant decline in the quality of the company's reputation and customer service, which has negatively impacted the future development of the industry.

According to the "Investment Analysis and Forecast Report of China Construction Machinery Industry 2011-2015" released by the China Investment Advisor, the construction machinery has the characteristics of high value, strong professionalism, long service life, etc., while the use of product customers is easy to appear Low level of professionalism in operation, maintenance and maintenance, weak payment for construction machinery, etc. Faced with the contradictions in the marketing chain of the construction machinery industry, how to use financial innovation institutional arrangements to properly handle this contradiction and become theoretical and practical work The focus of attention.

Zhang Yanlin, research director of China Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. pointed out that the financial leasing segment of the domestic construction machinery market has not matured. Despite the huge space in this sector, it can have an immeasurable impact on the development of the industry. However, the current irrational operation has far exceeded. The constraints that the domestic market structure can bear, especially the cultivation of the users and the value of the enterprises, have yet to be further explored. In the future, the development of the industry depends not only on the cultivation of market norms, but also on the self-discipline of the enterprises. This helps the industry. Continued healthy development.

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