Jiangmen Foshan held a seminar on ship distribution technology

According to the Jiangmen Science and Technology Association, on July 13, in order to strengthen the development of ships and supporting industries in Jiangmen Foshan, Jiangmen City Association for Science and Technology and Foshan Science and Technology Association jointly sponsored, Jiangmen Shipbuilding Engineering Society and Foshan Shipbuilding Engineering Industry Association. The “Technical Seminar on Ships and Supporting Industries in Jiangmen Foshan” was held at Jiangmen Shipyard. Representatives of member organizations of the two shipbuilding engineering associations (associations) and ship professional technicians talked about the development of ships and supporting industries in the two places. Zhang Xing, vice chairman of Jiangmen City Association for Science and Technology, and Zhou Shekuan, deputy director of Jiangmen Maritime Safety Bureau, attended the meeting.
In the morning, a seminar was held. Vice Chairman Zhang Xing gave an academic report titled “Playing the Geographical Advantages of Jiangmen Coast and Promoting the Development of Shipbuilding Industry in Our City”. He said that Jiangmen developed its development due to its unique geographical location and superior geographical environment. The shipbuilding industry has a unique advantage. Participants have a clear and sensible understanding of Jiangmen ships and supporting industries. Yan Yongzhen, deputy director of Foshan Ship Engineering Industry Association, elaborated on the local ship industry situation and problems faced in Foshan, hoping to discuss it together. Representatives of the two places also spoke in a row to express their vision for the Jiangmen Foshan shipbuilding industry. The meeting proposed that Jiangmen Foshan should strengthen cooperation and complement each other's advantages, accelerate the development of ships and supporting industries in the two places; establish a long-term platform for exchange of information, resources and technologies between the two shipping companies to serve the shipping companies of the two places and seek rapid development. .
In the afternoon, the delegation attended the meeting and went to Jiangmen Shipyard Yacht Manufacturing Base, Xinhui Jiangnan Marine Electrical Appliance Factory and Jiangmen Hehai Ship Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit and study.

Roof Sheet

Roof sheet is generally used for cold rolled steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, color steel sheet and other different types of thin steel sheet, the thickness is generally 0.15 to 1.2 mm, and then after rolling, cold bending, its section can be V-shaped, U-shaped, etc., the section can also be trapezoidal or similar waveform, profile roof sheet is also known as building profiled steel sheet or corrugated steel sheet for short. The quality of anti-corrosion coating directly affects the service life of roofing sheet because the original plate is very thin. In order to meet the requirements of processing and anti rust, the coated steel plate should be inspected according to relevant regulations. When roofing steel sheet is used as panel and wallboard of houses in industrial factories, the steel consumption per square meter is about 5-11kg under the condition of no insulation requirement. When insulation requirements are available, mineral wool boards, glass wool and foam plastics can be used as insulation materials. The composite floor made of metal roof tile and concrete can be used as load-bearing structure without wood formwork. At the same time, in order to strengthen the binding force between profiled steel plate and concrete, it is better to pre weld studs on steel plate or press two-way stiffeners.

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