Oval gear flow design

Design calculations for the arc length, displacement and reduction drive train drive chain are illustrated by way of example.
1 Overview Oval gear flowmeter is a meter for continuous or intermittent measurement and control of liquid flow in pipelines. The flowmeter is mainly composed of flow transmitter, axial seal coupling, fine adjuster, integrated counter, etc. The four-part composition is fixed because the size of the measuring chamber formed by the housing of the flow transmitter and the elliptical gear is fixed. Therefore, the amount of liquid discharged per revolution is also constant. The volume of liquid discharged per unit time is the same as the rotational speed of the elliptical gear. Just as long as the number of rotations of the elliptical gear is measured, the gear shifting mechanism coupled through the elliptical gear shaft, the axial seal coupling and the fine adjuster transmit the number of rotations to the counter, and the counter can indicate the instantaneous amount of fluid and the cumulative flow rate on the spot. Needed, equipped with electric pulse converter and flow display instrument, realize long-distance flow calculation, and output 0mA-10mA or 4mA-20mA standard current signal for other indication recording instruments or regulators, etc. As shown, the metering chamber of the flow transmitter is mainly composed of a housing, a pair of elliptical gears, and a cover plate forming a first-month cavity as a unit of measurement for the flow rate. The gear is rotated by the pressure difference (Ap=P2) at the inlet and outlet of the flowmeter, so that the liquid at the inlet is continuously metered through the initial cavity and sent to the outlet, and the gear is decelerated to rotate the elliptical gear. The number is converted into the corresponding flow value, and the counter pointer display and the word wheel are accumulated, so that the total amount of liquid in the pipeline and the instantaneous amount of the elliptical gear flow meter working principle are known. The flow transmitter part mainly consists of a housing, an elliptical gear, and a shaft. The bushing, the bushing metering chamber cover, the upper and lower cover, etc. are composed of an axial seal coupling, an accuracy corrector, a counter, etc., which are common components, and the flowmeter is designed as a unit structure. If the calculation error exceeds the regulation and needs to be adjusted, it can be corrected by means of the precision corrector. 3 Design calculation example 3.1 Theoretical basic type (basic parameter): The structure of the flow meter is single type; the flow meter reading: the dial is liter, the character wheel is meter 3; flowmeter model: Lc-8016; flowmeter nominal diameter is 80mm; flowmeter nominal pressure is 1.6MPa; accuracy grade is 0.5; flow range is 6-60m3 / h; ambient temperature -10-180; maximum linear velocity V 3.2 elliptical gear arc length calculation elliptical gear curve equation: pa(1-X)1-Xos, p is the radial direction,: is the polar angle, a is the original long axis radius, X is eccentric The rate ds=p2+ substitutes the relationship between 0 and : (5) and (6) the equation (9) into (2), so that the function becomes 0 function differential equation (6) and substitutes into equation (5): : Then: XKn, 0) is the first type of elliptic function integral, E (Kn,: /2) is the second type of elliptic function integral 31 valley product 2 count 1 calculation and transmission force chain ic assumptions under the oval gear section curve The area of ​​the tooth groove is approximately equal to the area of ​​the tooth top above the curve, then the elliptical gear flow meter parameters can be obtained: modulus m=1.5mm, ellipse long radius a=known speed reduction mechanism: theoretical transmission ratio and actual The transmission ratio is very close, in line with the design requirements of 3.4 line speed check because

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