The function and characteristics of multifunctional power car

At present, many large-scale state-owned enterprises and private enterprises will be equipped with multi-functional power cars , especially in high-level hotels, hospitals, and airports. These important public places are equipped with multi-function power cars. However, most people know little about multi-function power cars. In some emergency situations, multi-function power cars can often play an important role, such as in the event of power outages in some public places where there is a large flow of people. After the accident, it is easy to cause chaos and cause casualties. Equipped with a multi-functional power car can effectively avoid this kind of situation, so let's take a look at the function and characteristics of the multifunctional power car in detail!


The function of the multifunctional power car can be mainly attributed to two points. The first is the emergency use in emergency situations. For example, in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or fire, the original power supply will basically fail and bring rescues to the rescue. More difficult. Therefore, this time will often choose to use multi-function power car to emergency, so that power supply can continue to supply power for a period of time, so that it can ensure that staff can timely evacuation of personnel or other rescue work.

The second function of the multi-function power car is mainly standby, because multi-function power cars tend to have better off-road performance, and they have relatively strong adaptability to various road surfaces, so they can support all-weather outdoor environment. The job is relatively stable and easy to operate. Some of these companies will often be equipped with multi-function power cars for emergency use.

Therefore, in general, the characteristics of multi-function power car is simple and convenient, safe and reliable, and relatively easy to maintain, can better meet the needs of large and small enterprises. And at present, China will also use multi-function power cars for emergency rescue, emergency and military fields. The configuration and facilities in the car are relatively complete. The multi-function power car is also equipped with a staff's lounge inside. The studio is different.

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