Fence cleaning car performance characteristics and advantages

Sprinklers, sweepers, garbage sweepers, compressed garbage trucks, and other sanitation-specific vehicles, and guardrail cleaning vehicles are relatively rare sanitation special vehicles, it is mainly used in highway guardrail cleaning, fence cleaning in the city, Can quickly and easily help clean the fence. However, we all know that the number of cleanings for these guardrails is limited in one year. Plus, all of the application fields are on the expressway, so people don't know much about guardrail cleaning vehicles . The following Xiaobian describes the performance characteristics of the guardrail cleaning vehicles .


Fence cleaning car performance characteristics

1. The cleaning speed of the fence cleaning car is very fast. The double brush interactive design can clean the fence of 3-5 kilometers per hour.

2. A special device has been added to the guardrail cleaning vehicle to maintain a certain distance between the cleaning brush and the guardrail board. While improving the fresh quality, it also ensures that the guardrail road will not be in close contact with the vehicle during operation, thus causing accidents.

3. The flow of water sprayed by the guardrail cleaning vehicle is in a high-pressure mode, and the guardrail can be quickly cleaned with the minimum amount of water. An average of one ton of water can clean the fence of 5-8 kilometers, which is more energy-efficient.

4. The special cleaning bristles are added to the fence cleaning car, which can completely clean out all the dead ends in the fence. The soft bristles will not cause any damage to the surface of the fence or the paint surface.

5, the car is the most important chassis, in the production of guardrail cleaning car, most manufacturers can provide multiple sets of chassis supporting facilities, so that customers can choose according to personal economic ability and actual needs, buy the right price, Suitable product fence cleaning vehicle.

6, the use of the process will be very safe, and it is a relatively stable performance, simple and very safe operation.

The performance characteristics of the guardrail cleaning vehicle are introduced here. It can be seen that the characteristics of the guardrail cleaning vehicle are very numerous. In practice, it can bring about ideal cleaning results and is an indispensable sanitation tool for municipal roads.

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