·The overall satisfaction of the automotive industry continues to decrease

In 2016, the results of China's auto industry customer satisfaction survey were released in Beijing on the 17th. According to the survey results, the average score of comprehensive satisfaction of all models in the 2016 CATARC survey was 768 points (thousands), which was 6 points lower than that in 2015. . Product satisfaction and service satisfaction decreased by 5 points and 8 points respectively.
Yang Hongcan, director of the Consumer Protection Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, proposed that business operators should be kind to consumers. At present, the assured consumer environment has not yet been established. The incidents related to automobile sales fraud are frequently reported. It is the lowest cost for enterprises to make safe and reliable products.

Yu Kai, secretary of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, pointed out that it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that in 2013-2016, the overall overall satisfaction of the industry continued to decrease, mainly because the products and services of the company have not fully met the expectations of consumers.

According to the survey results, from the comprehensive satisfaction scores of all levels of vehicles, according to the classification method of last year, the satisfaction scores of small cars, compact cars, medium cars and SUVs are lower than last year, while the satisfaction scores of SUVs are For the first time, it is lower than the compact car.

As the largest market segment, compact car product satisfaction and service satisfaction were 768 points and 772 points respectively. Among them, service satisfaction decreased by 6 points compared with 2015. The self-owned brand models in the compact car grew more than last year's satisfaction, and the product satisfaction increased by a large margin, reaching 8 points. Among them, consumers' contribution to the driving experience of product indicators has the greatest contribution to the growth of satisfaction.

As the segment with the largest increase in sales volume, the SUV's failure in satisfaction is a concern for continued growth. Both product satisfaction and service satisfaction scores were 767 points, which was larger than that in 2015. From the product level, the noise in the comfort and the air quality in the car, the fuel economy in the performance is the main reason for the lower evaluation of product satisfaction; at the service level, the distribution of after-sales outlets in after-sales service and after-sales service Price rationality is the main reason for the low evaluation of service satisfaction.

In terms of attention, consumers pay attention to car products at 6.25, and services to 3.75, and service attention has increased significantly. It can be seen that as the automobile consumers' understanding of the automobile is becoming more and more mature, the functional demand with the product as the core is gradually overtaken by the emotional needs such as brand and service.

Product satisfaction is divided into high-to-low levels of comfort, safety, driving experience, performance and exterior design. Among them, the degree of attention of comfort rose from the second place last year to the first place.

In addition, compared with the 2015 results, the proportion of female car owners increased by 4 percentage points to 38.8%, close to 40%. Female car owners have higher requirements for satisfaction and give lower scores.

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