The lighting industry's self-built B2C channel is not popular.

[Lighting Network] The rapid growth of online shopping offers a new possibility for the entire industry's sales channels. This consumption trend determines the two development directions of the lighting industry in the future: First, the lighting industry must establish a brand, understand the use of emerging channels for brand communication and promote sales; second, lighting products must be more and more creative, large-scale personalized Customization is the only way to go. To grasp these two trends, Internet marketing has become a topic that every lighting company must pay attention to. In view of the shift in consumer habits and the intensification of competition in the industry, many latecomers have implemented the strategy of setting up the Internet. However, after a lot of investment, they almost all encounter the confusion of only the image and the sales. It is understood that the current lighting consumption of most households accounts for about 10% of the renovation costs, and the proportion is still rising.
Lighting companies joined the trend of online sales Recently, the author learned from the general manager of Guangyin Lighting, Yuan Guilin, in the first half of this year, whether it is the sales of lighting online stores on its Taobao platform, it is still admired to use its professional experience to create e-commerce channels. Even companies that directly invite them to be online general agents have shown double-digit growth. A lighting owner in Guangzhou also complained to the author: The consumers who come to the store to buy products, at least 4 of the 10 customers are copying the model. The copy code family is the selected style and brand in the physical store, and then go online to scouring the product, the price is more affordable than the three.
It is understood that the current terminal consumers believe that the benefits of online shopping lighting fixtures are: the lighting city is too large, too tired to go shopping, buy lighting fixtures online, mouse a little, travel around the world. The effect of online purchase of lights, popularity index, etc. can also be used as a reference. The lighting city sometimes needs to pick up the goods by itself, and it is convenient and quick to buy the lights online without leaving the house. Buying lights online, removing intermediate links, greatly reducing product prices, and can easily shop around, the price is transparent. In addition, Taobao's top sales of professional light sellers have begun to provide the corresponding professional design, at the same time, according to the owner's budget, the corresponding package plan. For example, the lighting budget of a three-bedroom and two-bedroom is 3,000 yuan. The online shopping merchants will combine the complete set of lighting products in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and other spaces according to the real-life photos provided by consumers. The best accessories and lighting effects.
Demand determines the market and the market decides to manufacture. There are indications that the Internet is not only becoming a medium for influencing people's lifestyles, but also changing market behaviors such as promotion and sales throughout the manufacturing industry. The rapid growth of online shopping also provides a new possibility for the entire industry's sales channels. In order to help consumers save more energy and reduce the waste of resources that may be caused in the shopping process, after the home store, some home building materials brands have also launched their own online shopping platforms. Consumers log on to these web platforms and complete a series of operations such as placing orders and paying deposits with a single click of the mouse.
The self-built B2C channel has a poor effect. With the domestic lighting market, the online shopping market has obviously warmed up. After NVC lighting and Opto Lighting entered the e-commerce field, more and more traditional lighting manufacturers chose to build their own B2C channels. However, from the current situation, the lighting fixture manufacturers self-built B2C is still in the initial stage of exploration, the number is very small, and even negligible. The current operation of the self-built B2C platform is far from the original intention of the enterprise, and the sales are not optimistic. There are also some highly personalized lighting companies suffering from too many online counterfeit goods, endangering themselves and the interests of channel dealers, but only open B2C platform to resist infringement and publicity image. Zhang Yalin, general manager of Pingyuan Lighting, said in an interview with the author: Our online platform is mainly based on displaying our own products, not for sales and profit. In the past, our official website was only a simple model and parameters of each product line. Listed, now it will pay more attention to the experience of users clicking and watching. In addition, the self-built online store is based on the needs of channel diversification, but also to meet the needs of segmented consumers.
Many people in the industry told me that the source of online sales channels such as Taobao Mall is circulated from the website. There are very few customers who actually place orders from the official website.
Manufacturers who target online malls to sales channels are still struggling during the promotion phase. Quite frankly, if the company self-built the website for sales, its category is relatively simple. From the browsing and sales data of Taobao, it is very unlikely that a consumer can purchase a full range of products of a certain brand. Therefore, a single brand Supporting the cost of network sales operations is very difficult. Yuan Guilin, general manager of the company, told the author that when the sales reach a certain scale, it may face the risk of competitors out of stock. The manufacturer’s self-built platform will be in the future for a long time. It may be based on display products. In fact, compared with the comprehensive B2C e-commerce platform such as Taobao Mall, the self-built B2C platform of lighting lighting manufacturers does not have advantages in logistics, price and service system. To support the B2C model, the logistics platform is a big problem. B2C distribution itself is very thin, and manufacturers can't professionally do big logistics platforms. The second is how to balance the interest relationship between the B2C online mall and the traditional sales channels. This is also the nerve that is not dare to touch the lighting fixture manufacturers who have built the brand for many years.
How does online marketing of lighting enhance popularity?
At present, the number of manufacturers of finished products in the national lighting and lighting industry is over 10,000, but there are less than 500 companies in the industry that can really make a brand. Consumers are even less able to say a certain brand. However, the top ten lighting online stores on the Internet are indeed familiar to netizens. There are only four ways for lighting companies to use Internet marketing: one is to bid for search engines such as Baidu, the other is to advertise on well-known websites and industry websites, and the third is to establish online merchants or online stores on B2B and B2C websites. Promote your website or online store via email, web forum or SMS. The most concentrated is still to open online stores on Taobao and other open platforms. According to incomplete statistics, the number of C stores selling Taobao is close to 20,000 (do not rule out the same people to open stores), Taobao Mall has Nearly 150 homes. After all, with the popularity and popularity of the open platform for many years, coupled with appropriate strategies, it is not impossible to quickly increase sales and image synchronization.

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