Siemens: Promoting TIA Portal in 2011

TIAPortal is the industry's first unified engineering and software project automation software for all automation tasks. With this engineering technology software platform, users can quickly and intuitively develop and debug automation systems, which significantly reduces costs compared to traditional methods.

Mr. Yang Dahan believes that the current large number of equipment manufacturers need a very efficient engineering design development software to solve the challenges of product diversity and rapid time to market. With the help of the TIA Portal platform, the engineering integrator who originally had to use SIMATIC STEP7, SIMATIC WinCC, SINAMICS StartDrive, and other software tools for task development only needs to implement all the programming functions on a TIA Portal platform.

“For most people who are accustomed to using Siemens software, TIA Portal may be a challenge because it changes the traditional usage habits, but in fact, the new architecture is not only more powerful, but also more convenient to use and easy to use.” Yang Dahan Mr. said that PLCs, HMIs, and drives in an automation system can all be programmed in the same shared editor. Data such as control parameters, program blocks, variables, and messages can also be input only once, and can be seamlessly shared with other devices, greatly shortening the project's software engineering configuration time. "If we can directly paste the variable list in the PLC into the HMI, we can use it without redefining it."

In addition, TIA Portal also achieves a thorough integration through its intuitive user interface, efficient navigation design, and proven technology. Whether designing, installing, debugging, or maintaining and upgrading automation systems, TIA Portal can save engineering design time, cost and manpower.

“This has also shortened the time it takes for the product to go from design and R&D to test production. To users, it can help them to take the initiative in a highly competitive market.” Mr. Duan Cheng said.

In fact, TIA Portal is important for Siemens to further develop fully integrated automation. Mr. Yang Dahan introduced that Siemens Totally Integrated Automation adopts a unified network structure, so that all data can be easily converted, and TIA Portal undoubtedly makes this data conversion easier, and the overall TIA architecture has changed. .

“We are building our system using the Office approach. You can use plug-ins to seamlessly plug all Siemens past, present, and future software into the TIA Portal.”

At the same time, the data bus behind the TIA Portal is fully prepared for future integration with CAX software. If the product size is designed on CAD, this data will be seamlessly transferred to the factory's design software when it is modified. The data of TIA Portal, PLC, servo motor, and drive products will also be changed in time. . "This is obviously more convenient," said Mr. Yang Dahan. "TIAPortal broke the barriers to use, reduced the cumbersome use of Siemens products, revolutionized usage habits, and promoted the integration of products into Totally Integrated Automation."

At the same time, Mr. Yang Dahan stated that BoTun is not developed for mature products and business models in the market, but is suitable for the future. Especially for the Chinese market, more and more mechanical designs will be developed by China. Enterprises need to complete this, which requires more platform tools such as TIA Portal to support it. In fact, Siemens has already seen the development potential of the Chinese market long ago. At the beginning of TIA Portal's research and development, Chinese has been identified as one of its standard languages.

“Today, TIA Portal is already in use in fields such as metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, food and beverages, tobacco, and wind power. For the foreseeable future, more and more users will favor the use of this technology, which can be perfect for Siemens Totally Integrated Automation. The products involved in the configuration, programming and commissioning of all automation and drive products involved." said Mr. Yang Dahan.

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