Shandong SAIC Motor Transmission Supporting Industrial Park Foundation

On July 13, 2011, SAIC Automotive Transmission Supporting Industrial Park was laid in Yantai's Futian High-tech Industrial Zone, Xituo District.

Shandong SAIC Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. is a large auto parts company that settled in Fukuyama in 2004 and has made outstanding contributions to the auto parts industry and the economic development of the entire region. The newly-founded supporting industrial park has a total investment of 1 billion yuan and a construction area of ​​80,000 square meters. Mainly for Shandong SAIC automobile transmission company supporting the production of transmission housing, gear, synchronizer and shift assembly and other components. At present, Shandong Zhengtian Power Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Chengda Gear Co., Ltd., Yantai Feihua Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Yantai Shenda Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bochang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and Bishan Shunshan Machinery Co., Ltd. have settled in the park. . After all the projects have been completed and put into production, the annual output value will be over RMB 1.1 billion, and the profit and tax will be nearly RMB 200 million.

In recent years, Fushan District has vigorously implemented the three major strategies of industrial districts, service-prospering districts, and cultural districts, focusing on cultivating leading industrial systems with distinctive local characteristics and obvious competitiveness, and mechanical manufacturing and electronic information focusing on auto parts and components. The three leading industries of special steel products have grown rapidly. At present, the three leading industries accumulatively settled on 272 projects with a total investment of 46 billion yuan. Among them, 110 projects have been settled in the auto parts industry. The foundation stone of the SAIC automobile transmission supporting industrial park in Shandong is another major achievement of intensified exchange and in-depth cooperation between Fushan District and Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. In the future, Fushan District will continue to provide all-round, multi-level high-quality and efficient services for enterprises, and promote the quick start, quick construction and quick production of the project, and strive to achieve the maximum output in the shortest possible time.

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