China's LED industry will usher in the explosive development under the new normal

Xi Jinping pointed out that the emergence of a new normal in China's economy means that the economic growth rate has shifted from high-speed growth to medium-high-speed growth, the economic structure has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and economic power has shifted from factor-driven and investment-driven to innovation-driven. This also applies to the current LED lighting industry. The new normal will bring new development opportunities to China's LED industry. At the same time, China's LED industry must also strive to make its own development better to benefit the world. The new normal will bring new development opportunities to China. On November 9, China’s top leader Xi Jinping first systematically expounded the new normal at the APEC Business Leaders Summit. Since May this year, in the public report, Xi Jinping has said the new normal three times, and this is the most systematic one. 2014 is not an ordinary year. Under the background of reform and innovation entering the new normal, LED lighting in the new era has also ushered in new development opportunities. LED lighting has experienced the development stage of super-light speed. The LED lighting has replaced the traditional lighting in different parts of the country. At the same time, many people in the lighting industry have also raised questions: Where is the LED lighting market after replacement? The cross-border innovation of technology and art is gradually becoming an important trend in the development of LED lighting. Under the new normal, the change of channel business thinking has entered a new era of establishing a Chinese dream since the 18th session. Although it has entered a new era, it is increasingly difficult to make business in the LED lighting industry. The new normal economy is a hot word recently. In May this year, General Secretary Xi mentioned in the Zhengzhou investigation that China's development is in an important strategic opportunity period, and the Chinese economy should adapt to the new normal. This new normal means that the economy has entered a new stage; it also means that China is in the normal state of economic transformation and transformation. The new normal is a state that is relatively stable in the past. In the past two years, the LED industry has changed quite a bit. From the perspective of LED lamps, first, the changes in the industry pattern, the hypermarkets continue to rise, and the rise of the era, the New Light Alliance and other hypermarkets have put a lot of pressure on dealers. In the past, the factory was only responsible for production. The dealers only responsible for sales, brand promotion and product sales. After the manufacturers tasted the sweetness of retail, they detoured the front desk. Some manufacturers will also give back to the dealers, but some will not. Merchants in the first line of the market will find that the traditional marketing model is no longer attracting consumers' attention, not engaging in activities, not doing gimmicks, and will not get the attention of consumers. These are the products of the new market environment, and if you rely on traditional thinking to do business, you may be eliminated. E-commerce has become a trend, and there is no doubt about it. The current business is not good, everyone thinks that e-commerce has robbed the business. In fact, I don't think so. The e-commerce of the lighting and lighting industry has not exceeded 2 billion in annual sales. The impact on the lighting industry is still not great. LED dealers, in general, must change roles, seize opportunities, and adapt to the development of the times. First of all, the thinking needs to change, and brand services are set up in the local area. No matter where consumers buy lights, they must have services. Dealers need to shift to service providers and deal with vendor relationships more closely. In addition, dealers need to have a sense of alliance. The mode of e-commerce O2O is online sales, offline experience, offline experience stores need to have N, so O2O must be integrated, if there is no alliance, or by the alliance, if you just do Taobao, there is no big future. Is there really no future for the channel provider? of course not. Recently, NVC is still fighting for channels, so channel providers still have great advantages. As long as you are tough and have the right to speak, you still have great value, and the channel provider can still have a better future. The changes in the industry are trends and inevitable. As a dealer, you can't complain, you can only talk about your thinking and practices. Under the new normal, LED lighting exports are climbing. Compared with the European and American markets, emerging markets have outstanding performance in small categories and high value-added products. According to the author's statistics, the lighting products category occupied by Europe, the United States and Japan are quite concentrated. They are the absolute mainstream of bulbs, spotlights, tube lamps, downlights, light bars and interior decorative lights. These types of lighting products The proportion of each market exceeds 50. Due to the large demand, open market, numerous manufacturers, fierce competition, and the price is close to transparency, the prices of Chinese enterprises are basically reduced to zero when negotiating with foreign buyers, and the profit margin is meager. On the other hand, high value-added lamps, represented by street lamps, tunnel lights and explosion-proof lamps, are growing rapidly in emerging market countries. Russia and the United Arab Emirates are important flat lamp markets after the United States, Japan and Britain. The largest market for downlights is Australia. Russia is also the largest explosion-proof lamp market in China and the top three spotlight market. The fastest growing region for street lamps and tunnel lights in the first half of the year is Latin America. Chile became the largest export of road lighting products in the first half of the year. Ground. In addition, Malaysia is the second largest market for aquarium lights. It is well known that the price of light source type lighting fixtures is much lower than that of professional lamps such as street lamps, tunnel lights and explosion-proof lamps. The analysis of customs data by industry organizations shows that the average FOB price of bulbs and spotlights is about 5~15 US dollars/only; the unit power price is basically below 1 US dollar/W, the profit is relatively thin, and the profit-making route is thin. . The average price of street lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, flood lights, etc. is hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars. At the end of June 2014, industry organizations showed that the average street lamp price was about US$250/only, and the average unit power price exceeded US$5/W. The added value was significantly higher, the profit was definitely richer, and the anti-falling price was much stronger than the previous one. The types of lamps, industry organization data show that the bubble lamp FOB fell more than 80 in three years, and the street lamp fell about 40. However, due to the high quality, brand, design and performance requirements of these high value-added products, in order to open up the situation in emerging markets, domestic manufacturers need to improve product quality and enhance design. According to the author's statistical analysis of customs export data, in the first three quarters of 2014, the cumulative export value of LED lighting products in China was nearly 7 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 101. The export value in the third quarter was 2.63 billion US dollars, an increase of 88. According to Zhang Zeyu, the marketing director of the company, the company's current first change in the appearance of the product is to make the lamp into gold, with high quality and high quality, so that dealers are more convincing when selling products. For the fourth quarter of the product planning, there are three major plans for the growing number of products. One is to push the full voltage (90-260V), high power factor (PF value>0.97), color rendering index>70, and three years warranty. LED fluorescent tube. It is mainly used for various large-scale energy-saving renovation projects that require cost-effectiveness. Secondly, it will increase the development of intelligent LED fluorescent tubes, optimize and upgrade, and take the lead in the industry. Third, it will be deeply subdivided in the field of single products, targeting different places. Different types of energy-saving retrofit application types, with a reasonable product line, will make brighter products make a bright spot. Zhang Zeyu said that the increasingly high-quality products will continue to maintain the original system in terms of price, ensuring that prices will not fluctuate too much. In the case of technical upgrades in the industry, the product configuration is continuously improved, and the products are better, which enables the partners to have more profitable space in the application of increasingly fluorescent LED tube products. In order to hit the market, many companies continue to lower prices, and as a result, product quality continues to decline. I don't think it is necessary to blindly adjust the price to hit the market, but to rely on product quality to win the market. The increasingly high-quality products are stable in all aspects of performance and reliable in quality, so the pricing strategy we have developed is controllable. The price is controllable, and the dealers will also control the market. This will ensure that the customer will not lose, and at the same time, it will make our market space bigger and protect the interests of the entire distribution chain partners. In terms of market layout, Zhang Zeyu said that in the next fourth quarter, he will focus on the two markets of East China and South China, establish a special distribution system, sort out the integrated distribution network, and focus on targeted projects. Energy Saving. Adding zero: Cyclone series downlights have been loved. Zhongshan Jiajia Lighting & Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, focusing on LED lighting, global home and high-end hotels, commercial display, export sales and other international lighting companies. Since its establishment, the performance of zero-plus lighting has been steadily improved, and its home lighting and commercial lighting products have been unanimously recognized, especially its cyclone series downlights, which have attracted much attention. At the Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair on October 27-30, the whirlwind series of downlights attracted many visitors to appreciate. Many of the exhibitors even said that they came to the cyclone series of downlights. According to He Guang, general manager of Jiaguang Lighting, the cyclone series downlights were opened by adding zeros and obtained a number of design patents. The product positioning is in the mid-end configuration and mid-range price, aiming to bring high quality and beautiful products to customers. Cost-effective lighting products. It is understood that the cyclone series downlights are designed with high-quality precision aviation aluminum, original all-lamp heat dissipation, imported high-end PMMA diffuser and imported top-level chips, and equipped with integrated built-in drive power, which is the main product of zero-lighting lighting. It will also be the most important product to compete in the market in the fourth quarter of this year. For the fourth quarter of the product planning, He Guang also mentioned that in addition to the cyclone series downlights as the main product, the zero-lighting will continuously update and optimize the products in the home lighting, and make corresponding changes according to the needs of different customers. Bring the most satisfactory products to customers. In addition, the addition of zero lighting will increase the investment in the next area, laying a good foundation for the brand. He Guang also said that in the last quarter of this year, another important task of adding zero lighting is to deposit customers. The company will send the samples to the end customers first, first check the market competitiveness of the products, and then choose to cooperate to place orders. It not only embodies the strength and courage of adding zero lighting, but also paves the way for the development of zero-lighting in the coming year.

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