Wind direction anemometer uncertainty and correction method

With the changes of the times, the development of wind anemometers is rapid. New instruments are used in various industries in the country. In particular, wind anemometers are used for forecasting national weather and oceans. It is an important task, and in order to make reliability measurement of wind anemometers possible. For traceability and quality assurance, instrument calibration must be performed, especially in dynamic conditions, in the wind tunnel.

Wind-Wind Anemometer Uncertainty The uncertainty of the relative standard wind speed of the entire device should include the uncertainty of the measurement results of the standard device consisting of the second-class standard pitot static pressure tube and micro-pressure gauge, and the instability of airflow in the wind tunnel. Uncertainty caused by sex and inhomogeneity and device uncertainty.

Calibration method of wind anemometer (1) Appearance inspection The qualified wind anemometer can perform the following calibration.
(2) Installation position and requirements of pitot tube and wind anemometer in the wind tunnel detector: The total pressure hole of the pitot tube should be aligned with the direction of the air flow, and the pitot tube probe should be positioned at (25±5) mm from the wall of the work section. The pole should be installed vertically and firmly on the wall of the working section of the wind tunnel.

The application of the wind anemometer in the application process should be strong, uniform, there must be no delamination, obvious defects such as rust, etc., the installation part and use should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the user manual for the correct installation, so as not to cause data on The error increases. The application of wind anemometer in agricultural production plays an important role in the prevention and protection of crops in advance.

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