Plancing Horse Dongfeng Liuzhou Long LNG will be fully promoted

On November 28th, 2014, the marketing elites of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile brought together the “LNG Tractor Special Training Session” to expand the LNG market trends, policies, product selling points, selection recommendations, marketing promotion strategies, and service accessories protection. Multi-faceted learning study, since then, Long LNG tractors will promote the full force.

Just a short time ago, the 7th China International Trucking Conserve Contest took place with the winner. The Longxun 6×2LNG tractor on behalf of Dongfeng Liushang was rated at 0.75 kilograms per ton per 100 kilometers. Achievements, won the 6 × 2LNG tractor group energy saving champion, Dongfeng Liu Auto relevant responsible person said that the award will encourage commercial vehicles for the Liuzhou commercial vehicle users to create better quality products and provide more comprehensive operational solutions.

As the energy saving champion of the 6×2LNG tractor group of the “China International Truck Fuel Contest”, the “skills” of the 6×2LNG tractors themselves cannot be overlooked. At the beginning of the design, the 6×2LNG tractors were used as long. The company has been given the mission of energy conservation and emission reduction. It not only has strong power, but also has better energy-saving performance. It is equipped with a 375-hp natural gas engine, and its performance is further optimized through the analysis of the engine technology application and the curve characteristics of the engine. The energy-saving level leads the industry.

Since its launch, Long Long LNG tractors have quickly attracted attention from users due to its excellent quality and outstanding energy-saving effects. The market share has steadily increased, and it has been rapidly implemented in key areas such as Shijiazhuang. However, Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto did not stop because of the hot sales of products, but it was also in full swing. The idea of ​​product upgrading was further clear, product promotion was further developed, products were gradually improved, and they were closer to users, so that the follow-up products would be more Allows users to use their peace of mind, worry and comfort.

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