Four measures of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to develop energy-saving and environmental protection industries

Su Bo, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said at the national industrial energy conservation and comprehensive utilization work conference in Nanjing on the 28th that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will take four measures to promote the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly low-carbon industries during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.

These four measures include the following: The first is to focus on the goals and tasks of the national energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental governance, and green and low-carbon development during the 12th Five-Year Plan, strengthen planning research and guidance, and improve the technical equipment and product standards system; To develop a batch of technical equipment that needs R&D, application and promotion.

The second is to focus on the needs of key industries such as iron and steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, and equipment, and to select a group of energy-saving, environmental-protection, and low-carbon technologies with mature technologies, large emission reduction potentials, and a number of demonstration projects for industrialization of technologies.

The third is to support the development of a group of leading companies with independent brands, strong core technology capabilities, and high market share, and service companies with strong supporting capabilities.

The fourth is to speed up the promotion of industrial agglomeration, and to form a number of energy-saving, environmental-friendly, low-carbon parks and industrial bases with prominent advantages in location and high concentration in areas and regions with favorable conditions.

"According to the trend of international industrial development, China must vigorously develop energy-saving and environmentally friendly low-carbon industries. This is an important task for the industry to promote energy-saving and emission reduction." Su Bo said that under the impact of the international financial crisis, global industrial development has become new Trends, energy conservation and environmental protection, and low-carbon development have become trends and trends in the world. Many developed countries rely on their capital and technological advantages to accelerate the development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon industries and cultivate them as the core competitiveness of future industries.

Su Bo said that vigorously developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly low-carbon industries should be supported by industrial energy conservation and consumption reduction, clean production, comprehensive utilization, recycling economy, remanufacturing and recycling industries, and low-carbon technological transformation of traditional industries to promote technology and equipment. Product and service development, nurturing energy-saving and environmental protection and low-carbon technology markets, and enhancing the competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

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