Jia Xinguang: The automotive industry faces stronger environmental constraints

During the “two sessions” in the country, a press conference was held to strengthen environmental protection. Some media reported that the “Ministry of Environmental Protection has recommended the control of motor vehicles in cities with population of 10 million or more.” At the time, he did not take it for granted that the Ministry of Environmental Protection also came to join in curbing the bustling of private cars. However, he seriously read the report of the live broadcast of the conference and felt that this was a major signal to the automotive industry.

The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” outline for national economic development requires that pollutant emission reduction and treatment be strengthened, total discharge of major pollutants should be controlled, the responsibility system for environmental protection goals should be strictly implemented, and assessment of total control indicators should be strengthened. The “12th Five-Year Plan” for environmental protection calls for deepening the total amount control work. In addition to continuing to arrange emission reductions for the two major pollutants, namely sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand, it has also increased the two binding indexes of ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides. The rank is 8%-10%.

Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Zhang Lijun believes that these four indicators are difficult to complete strictly speaking, but the most difficult to complete is the total amount of nitrogen oxide emissions control, because nitrogen oxide emissions, not only the emissions of industrial enterprises, it is The important aspect is the emissions from motor vehicles, so it is difficult to control the total amount of nitrogen oxide emissions. In order to better complete the reduction of nitrogen oxides, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will strictly control the amount of nitrogen oxides added. It is recommended that cities with a population of 10 million or more should implement total vehicle control and accelerate the implementation of "fourth national" emissions from motor vehicles. Standards: Accelerate the pace of oil product upgrading in refining companies and implement the implementation of “National IV oil” supply nationwide as soon as possible. The second step is to increase the elimination of backward production capacity. The Ministry of Environmental Protection shall cooperate with the relevant departments in formulating a catalogue of product adjustments, industrial scale and product emission intensity, which will serve as the basis for formulating the catalogue. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the elimination of yellow-labeled vehicles, and preliminary considerations are that the eastern region should put all the yellow-labeled vehicles before 2005, the central and western regions to eliminate all yellow-labeled vehicles before 2010, and eliminate vehicles that are the focus of diesel vehicles.

Local government officials attach great importance to assessment indicators, because this involves performance and promotion. After assessing the total amount of energy consumed, the news of frequent power cuts has been frequently reported around the country. In order to complete the indicators, officials will spare no effort or even resort to arbitrary measures. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" lists nitrogen oxides as an environmental assessment indicator. It will undoubtedly worsen the serious automobile consumption environment and will surely increase the intensity of car restrictions everywhere, not to mention traffic congestion. Zhang Lijun pointed out that the nitrogen oxides treatment is the most difficult, but the limited car is the fastest and most convenient method, and local governments will definitely consider it.

Contaminants in automobiles include hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead compounds, styrene, and solid particulate matter. Nitrogen oxides are one of the major emissions from automobiles, especially diesel vehicles. Nitrogen oxides have a great impact on the environment. It is not only one of the main substances in the formation of acid rain, but also an important substance in the formation of photochemical smog in the atmosphere. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has eliminated the elimination of diesel vehicles as the key to the elimination of yellow-labeled vehicles. At present, some manufacturers hope to sell diesel passenger vehicles in big cities. It seems that the future hopes to become even more rampant.

At the end of last year, after Beijing introduced the measures to stop blocking, various regions have already eagerly tried to accelerate the study of plugging measures. This is in fact limited to vehicles and restrictions. Due to the controversy over the shakeup measures in Beijing, it is difficult for the local governments to make up their minds. Traffic congestion does cause all kinds of inconvenience, but it is not an indicator for the government's assessment. If the control of nitrogen oxide emissions is listed as an assessment index, the restriction of vehicles will become the best choice for local governments.

The automobile industry should study countermeasures as soon as possible to improve the vehicle's emission standards and reduce pollutant emissions. The first is to increase research and development efforts, adopt advanced engines with high efficiency and low consumption to reduce pollutant emissions; secondly, increase the promotion of new energy vehicles, including hybrid and electric vehicles; and third, increase the intensity of vehicle maintenance.

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