Price rises in the first quarter of the chlor-alkali industry to accelerate recovery

After the performance recovery of the entire chlor-alkali industry in the fourth quarter of 2010, chlor-alkali chemicals, Sanyou Chemicals, and Shandong Haihua also announced that the first-quarter results will continue to rebound.

Affected by this, yesterday's stock prices rose sharply after the opening of the three companies, and led the industry listed companies in the Thai chemical, Shuanghuan Technology, Shenyang Chemical Industry, British Elite and other stock prices rose. The chlor-alkali chemical stocks quickly closed up and stayed close to the close. Shandong Haihua and Shenyang Chemicals also rose by more than 6 percentage points.

Judging from the announcement, the price increase of main products such as soda ash, caustic soda, and polyvinyl chloride is the main reason for the rise in company performance. Chlor-Alkali Chemicals stated that this year the world economy has continued its recovery and led to the demand for basic chemicals. The operating rate of the company's leading products such as caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride and paste resin increased, and the recovery of the export price of caustic soda led to a substantial increase in the profitability of the company. Shandong Haihua also stated that the sales price and sales volume of some of the company’s leading products have increased significantly compared to the same period of last year, which is one of the main reasons for the company’s performance increase.

Guo Dong Securities analyst Zhang Dongliang believes that the rise in the price of caustic soda is mainly due to the gradual increase of downstream chemical fiber, pesticides, alumina and other industries started, the demand season is approaching. At the same time, the overhaul of some caustic soda companies led to tight market supply.

The rise in the price of PVC is related to the earthquake in Japan. Yesterday, the reporter learned that due to the earthquake in Japan's coastal areas, VCM (vinyl chloride) plants in Kajima and other places were seriously affected. Among them, Kashima Chemical's 600,000-ton VCM device and Kyocera's 200,000-ton VCM are still being repaired. Not sure yet. At the same time, as the price of crude oil continued to rise, Japan's VCM product exports decreased, product supply was relatively tight, and the prices rose sharply. The price of VCM rose from US$950/tonne in March to US$1,050/tonne. Affected by this, domestic PVC plastic prices also rose. It is understood that VCM is a raw material for the production of PVC.

However, from the perspective of the supply and demand of the entire industry, there is no fundamental change in the fundamentals of the overall production capacity of the chlor-alkali industry. Therefore, the chlor-alkali industry may not have a long duration of this round of price increases. In 2010, the operating rate of the entire chlor-alkali industry was only 58%. This means that once the price of chlor-alkali products rises, the operating rate will soon increase, and production capacity will also be released in large quantities.

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