Home decoration completion acceptance

I. Water and power acceptance is a key point Although during the mid-term acceptance of the renovation project, pressure tests have been carried out on waterways, water-blocking tests and circuit lay-out have also been carried out for the acceptance of concealed works, and the owners, foremen, and supervisors have signed the project acceptance test. The single pipeline part has already had basic quality assurance. However, the hydropower project also involves the installation of waterway accessories, electrical accessories, lamps, electrical products, etc., so it is still one of the focuses of the completion acceptance of the renovation project.
Circuit installation acceptance is mainly through the lighting test, switch test control to see if the lighting, power is normal, the owner can also use electrician professional test pencil to test each socket to see if power, switch will open to see if there is a problem .
Waterway installation acceptance is mainly to check whether the pipeline is firm, you can open the faucet to check whether it will jitter; also need to see whether the water supply pipe is smooth, there is no leakage phenomenon, mainly to see whether the joints and elbows have water droplets or appear Leakage, you can use paper towels to wipe the joints, elbow detection. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is a phenomenon of "flooding" and "backslope" in the room with floor drain. You can turn on the faucet or shower, and after a period of time, see whether the flowing water is smooth and whether there is local water accumulation. In addition to this, it is also necessary to check whether the floor drain, the toilet and the basin are flush with the test water.
Second, the paint acceptance: seeing the hand paint paint acceptance should be in the paint after drying, using natural light and visual touch method. During the acceptance, it should be noted that the type, color, and coating of the coating should be consistent with the sample. The paint surface should be smooth and clean; the varnish has clear wood grain, no wrinkling, flow and wrinkles on the large surface, basically the same color, and no brush marks; the latex paint on the wall does not have the problem of peeling, brushing, bottoming, and large flow. Falling, wrinkled skin, uniform surface color, no obvious brushing.
Third, acceptance of wall and floor tiles: inside and outside taking into account the acceptance of the wall tiles, floor tiles to see whether the brick surface is normal, whether the brick surface is the same as the regular gap, brick surface is broken, collapse angle, and pay attention to whether the tile and waist position is correct, there is no deviation Or highly incorrect.
In addition to external considerations, wall tiles and floor tiles are also specially tested for their internal hollowing rate. The owner can use a metal hammer to gently tap the four corners and the middle of the wall and floor tiles to see if there is a hollow sound. The partial emptying rate of walls and floor tiles cannot exceed 5% of the total paved area, otherwise shedding problems will occur.
Fourth, woodworking acceptance: flexible and easy-to-use for the production of wooden doors, should be the acceptance of the opening direction of the door is reasonable, whether flexible opening, there is no block and rebound phenomenon. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the door joint is reasonable, the door joint above and below the wooden door can not exceed 3mm, the lower joint is generally 5-8mm, in addition should also check whether the joint of the door sleeve is tight. For the cabinet door, it depends on whether the switch is normal or not. When the door is opened, it should be light and no noise. In addition, check whether the cabinet door handle and various locks are installed in the correct position and whether the opening is normal.

Chute Liner

With the excellent abrasion resistance and strength, HP Chute Liners are widely being applied as good wear solution.

We can design and build chutes for any application. We specialize in the construction of our own HP chromium carbide plate. However, we can also make chutes from hardened steel such as mild steel, stainless steel and AR steel.


1. Good surface finish

2. Accurate size on fabrication parts

3. Quenching and tempering to obtain better wear resistance.

4. High wear & impact resistance, high weldability and easy installation.

Our service

1. Produce qualified wear resistant parts

2. Design and installation of boltless mill liners

3. Under certain working conditions, the mill liner material selection consulting service will be realized for a longer time service life

4. Grinding machine production and fineness improvement consulting services.

5. We can provide OEM / ODM to our customers.

Typical applications of HP Chute Liners

· Ore Terminal: bulk materials handling, stacker reclaimers, bunkers, hoppers, chutes, transfer cars, vibro-feeders.

· Sintering plant – Intensive mixers, drum mixers, hoppers, cyclones, sinter discharge tables / crash decks, sinter crusher spikes and grizzly bars, wind boxes, downcomers, dedusting and waste gas fan rotors and casings, hot and cold vibratory screens etc.

· Coking plant – chutes, hoppers, coke distribution cones, coke pushers, coke crushers, coke cutter, coal pulverizer liners, coke screening etc.

· Blast furnace – hoppers, distribution chutes, skip cars, bell and hopper assembly, throat amour plates, vibro-feeders, gas scrubbing, screening decks etc.

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Chute Liner (2)

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