The net spreads the wage list of the peasant worker to say "Gaxin" behind the number of white-collar workers

The net spreads the wage list of the peasant worker to say "Gaxin" behind the number of white-collar workers
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"The network transfer brickworker monthly salary is 7,000 yuan, the captain monthly salary is over ten thousand yuan, what do you think?"
In response to a reporter's question, Lei Hong, a peasant worker from Xiaogan, was a bit embarrassed: “A plasterer can earn more than 6,000 yuan a month. When he is doing well, there are also many people who earn more than 10,000 yuan a month...”
Lei Hong’s income is not an exception. In the past few days, the reporter visited some construction sites in three towns in Wuhan. He interviewed nearly 100 migrant workers and found that the income of migrant workers has indeed increased, especially for technical workers. Wages do not lose.
Experts said that blue-collar workers receive corresponding income through labor. This is a manifestation of social progress, but the online comparison of migrant workers and white-collar wages is not very kind.
Investigating the plastering worker's early greed and black salary exceeding 6,000 yuan
At noon on the 27th of last month, in the dormitory of the Donghu pure water bank construction site beside the Happy Avenue, the plaster worker Lei Hong sat on the bed and chatted with the workers. This one-hour break after dinner is precious for Lei Hong. Because at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, he will put a mortar bucket on the whitewashed wall until 5:30 in the afternoon.
As the Chinese New Year approached, Lei Hong began to calculate the income for the year. Fortunately, when the Chinese New Year returned home, he gave an explanation to his wife. "This year's income is still very good, and some months did not go out to work, a year to make about 70,000." Lei Hongxiao smiled.
“Do not look at our income seems to be OK, but this is very hard work, not for you to do it.” Lei Hong's workmate Zhou Yong told reporters.
Every morning at 6:30 in the morning, when the sky is not yet fully lit, Zhou Yong will climb out of bed with the workers and work on the construction site. Repeated work will continue until 12 noon. After lunch, take a rest hour in the dormitory and continue to work until 5:30 in the afternoon.
“After working nearly 10 hours in a day, we have to be blown by cold winds. We earn hard money.” Zhou Yong stretched out a pair of old hands.
More than 10 square meters of activity board room, squeezed five high and low double bed. Zhou Yong and nine fellows were among them, and the cabin was slightly cramped. On a cold winter night, Zhou Yong climbed onto the bed early and lay in a thick quilt from home. “The activity board room is prone to catch fire. To ensure safety, electric ovens cannot be used.” Long nights, the dormitory did not have a TV. Zhou Yong had to chat with fellow villagers to pass the time. "Sometimes it's too boring to play landlords."
Questioning the relationship between supply and demand and other factors
At the site of the Wuhan Publishing Cultural Industry Park on Xingye Road, the person in charge, Shen Manager, told the reporter that 10 years ago, the small-time workers on the construction site were paid 20 yuan a day, and the large-scale workers were only 30 yuan a day. Now on the construction site, workers can earn 8,000-10,000 yuan a month more, and even less can earn 5000-6000 yuan.
Director Liu, who is responsible for the construction of Xiuchang and six-star hotels in Donghu Cultural Tourism Zone, said that in terms of the status quo of the industry, peasant workers with shelf technology, woodworking, steel reinforcement, etc. have relatively high incomes; masonry, concrete Workers' wages are low.
Why are wages of migrant workers rising?
According to Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Wuhan City, Director Peng said that under the background of economic growth and increase of major projects, the labor remuneration of migrant workers has been significantly improved; in addition, the wage level in the labor market will also come with supply and demand. fluctuation.
According to statistics from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the number of migrant workers entering the construction industry in the past five years has dropped by about 6% (conservative figure).
Minister Liu of the Living Union of the Hubei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions said that the increase in construction workers’ wages is something we would like to see. "When the market is in short supply, the wages of migrant workers will naturally increase." Among the major elements of China's economy, labor has always been at a disadvantage. Now that construction workers can get high wages, it also shows that the price of labor is increasing. It also shows that society pays more attention to the role of the labor force.
The statement is simple and the two are not very kind
The wages of peasant workers have risen sharply. Is it really the time for white-collar workers?
Master Chen, a worker, has his own understanding: White-collar workers have basic wages and benefits, and we do odd jobs. All the income is the wages, and certainly not the same.
Pharaoh Wang, a contract builder at a construction site, said that people now say that peasant workers have high wages, and they themselves feel that they are not low. However, there are still few people who are really willing to join. The industry has been in a state of shortage. "Like this cold day, the workers eat in the simple tent on the side of the road. This sin is not something that the average person can bear."
Young people nowadays have higher standards of living and poor living and accommodation conditions. It is difficult to attract them without higher treatment. According to a survey, the aging of migrant workers in the construction industry is serious. Workers over the age of 40 account for more than 60%, while the proportion of workers in the hardcore group aged 30-40 is relatively small.
The Minister of Commerce of the Federation of Trade Unions of Hubei Province, Minister Liu analyzed: “Wages are determined by the laws of the market. High skill levels and high wages are good things.” But the wage list reflects “theoretical income level”. In the actual survey, migrant workers It is difficult to ensure stable income, and sometimes there are cases of wage arrears.
Shang Shengsheng, an associate professor at the School of Politics and Public Administration of Wuhan University, said that blue-collar workers receive corresponding income through labor, which is a manifestation of social progress. But simply comparing the wages of the two online is not very kind.
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