Interfacial Drag Reduction and Surface Behavior Mechanism Item Conclusion

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China Drying Newsletter From January 12 to 13, the Lanzhou Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Acoustics Northwestern Polytechnical University and the National Natural Science Foundation of China's key project “Interface Drag Reduction and Surface Behavior Mechanism” passed the project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The final acceptance by the Ministry of Materials Science organization.

This project investigates the relationship between surface characteristics and special shape structures of hydrophobic/super-hydrophobic coatings and fluid resistance, flow noise, and marine bio-adhesion, the mathematical model of hydrophobic/super-hydrophobic surface flow field, and the fluid interface with engineering application value. Major progress has been made in the technologies and methods for drag reduction, noise reduction and anti-fouling, which has broken through the application bottleneck of surface coating technology that combines the functions of drag reduction, noise reduction, and anti-fouling to improve drag reduction and flow noise reduction in fluids in China. The technical level of marine anti-pollution and anti-corrosion provides a good theoretical basis and technical support. this project. During the implementation of the project, it won one provincial and ministerial second prize, applied for 20 national invention patents (have authorized 9), published 104 academic papers (including 73 SCI papers), and promoted related high-tech work and industrial applications. Research.

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Mold is a kind of industrial product that can make the material take shape in a certain way in a specific structure form.
Almost all industrial products, from airplanes and automobiles to tea cups and nails, must be moulded.
The high precision, high consistency and high productivity of moulds are incomparable to any other machining methods.
Mould determines the product quality, benefit and new product development ability to a great extent.
So the mold has the "mother of industry" honorary title.

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