Long axis liquid pump ------ large flow submersible pump

The new long-axis submerged pump, the motor submerged below the surface to avoid the general liquid under the shaft is too long after the phenomenon of dislike.

Principle introduction

Ordinary submerged pump is also the longest shaft length of 34 meters, because its structure is the shaft + connector + shaft + connector + shaft ... ..., the connector is what we usually call righting bearing. If too long, it is easy to deviate from the shaft deformation, it should not be too long.

In the case of a less dense medium, using the new long axis submerged pump, the motor is immersed below the level of the fluid, which avoids long shaft misalignment. This new long axis submerged pump, wear-free, maintenance-free! Install one such pump, large flow (up to 100 vertical / h), high head (up to 66m) Can be repaired basic can be avoided! Submerged pump is the motor and the centrifugal pump immersed in the bottom of the tank, the motor and the centrifugal pump is closely linked to drive the impeller to boost oil, the oil will be pushed to the target storage, to achieve Oil or zero tank to the tank oil. As the motor and pump are in the tank, without the use of slender shaft, from the fundamental avoid the problem of high maintenance rate, not only saves material costs, labor costs, will not delay production. From a power-saving point of view, generally save at least 50% of energy consumption. And run-time noise is very low.

Structural features

The new submerged pump is the motor and centrifugal pump together into the bottom of the tank, driven by the impeller to boost oil, the oil pushed to the target storage, compared to other structures, do not have to start self-priming, the oil level for the oil Line separator, so to solve the shaft is too long, different heart problems, in theory, the shaft can be extended indefinitely. Due to pump work by suction change delivery, there will be no air suction and air resistance phenomenon.

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Occasions use: For gas stations, oil depots, airports, docks, railway trestle, distribution column, oil refinery, factory production lines, generating units and other oil transportation sites.

Oil Media: Diesel, Diesel, Fuel, Aviation, Jet and Kerosene, 80% Gasoline and 20% MTBE, ETBE or TAME, 0% -20% Ethanol or a mixture of methanol and gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol, Propanol, ethyl acetate, toluene and the like.

Advantage features

The new long axis submerged pump because of its motor and impeller immersed in the submerged below the liquid level, compared with other submerged pump, the transmission medium without self-absorption, there is no suction phenomenon, therefore, the new long axis submerged pump Transmission medium, variable suction to send, the media will not be vaporized, difficult to happen gas resistance phenomenon.

1, very smooth during operation, the noise value is the same with the same explosion-proof motor power, noise is minimal;

2, there is no self-absorption process, the motor starts out on the liquid medium, completely solve the problem of transporting gasification medium under high temperature, to achieve all-weather transport;

3, the delivery of oil products will not produce oil vapor, on the one hand to reduce oil loss, on the other hand also put an end to potential safety hazards, but also to avoid environmental pollution;

4, use to improve the installation location of the main depot pump, so that the reservoir area of ​​the plane. Oil depot layout more beautiful, more convenient to use.

5, Reliable bearing structure, effectively improve the bearing reliability and service life, so that the bearing is no longer a wearing part, maintenance-free within the specified service life of the pump.

6, easy to install.

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