New Year's Day car rental do not forget to distinguish responsibility

New Year's Day holiday is approaching, and the car rental market is beginning to warm up.
      Recently, the reporter visited a number of car rental companies in the city and discovered that a number of auto businesses in the city have begun to heat up. It is worth noting that many citizens chose to marry during Christmas and New Year's Day, which led to tight schedules for Mercedes cars, BMWs and other wedding cars.

The reporter went to a car rental company on Xinhua Road. The person in charge, Mr. Huang, told the reporter that the New Year's Day holiday was the peak period for citizens to rent a car by car. The citizens who came to book a rental car began to increase, and the car source began to be tense. During the visit, the reporter learned that the models that are more popular among the public are seven commercial vehicles and vans. In addition, there are four economical cars of about RMB 100,000. The car rental price for these models is RMB 150-160/day, and the deposit is RMB 2,000.

It is worth noting that since many people gather to marry during Christmas and New Year's Day, the wedding car rental market will usher in a "booking tide." Affected by this, the market for wedding cars is tense and prices have risen. The boss of the car rental company, Huang, said that there are more people planning to rent wedding cars during Christmas and New Year's Day, and their demands for wedding cars are getting higher and higher, and Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW are used more. Take Audi as an example. In the urban area, the cost per vehicle is 800-1000 yuan/day. Although the price is more expensive, many car rental companies have already expressed that the wedding car is in tight supply.

Industry insiders reminded that when a newcomer signs a rental agreement with a car rental company, he must pay attention to the type, quantity, time, lease fee, and the liability of both parties when the contract is breached.

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