Spring Festival Car Rental Raiders Inventory

With the approach of the Spring Festival, the high-speed free toll of the 7-seater and the full amount of vacations have made the self-driving tour the first choice for leisure vacation of many families. For people who have no car or five family car space is not enough to meet the family's travel needs, car travel in the Spring Festival holiday has also become a fashion. Although more and more car rental companies and car rental channels are available today, it is still necessary to do a good job of studying in advance to learn how to rent a truly satisfactory car on vacation and avoid potential disputes while traveling smoothly. Necessary tips and tricks.

Car rental booking channels

At present, most of the major car rental companies on the market have opened multi-channel booking methods including official websites, telephone bookings, store reservations, and mobile phone clients. Consumers with a car rental preference can select the most suitable one for their needs. Booking method.

Car rental booking process

First, understand car rental information: Before you rent a car, you can find out about basic car rental information through friends who have car rental experience or related travel, car rental, or car forums. Look at the past person's evaluation of car rental companies and car rental services and determine the approximate Car rental days and routes.

Second, the selected car rental company: According to the information obtained in the early period, select a well-proven, professional, large-scale car rental company. In general, professional companies have more vehicle ownership and more extensive vehicle models, and are more secure when vehicles fail and need to change vehicles. Before renting a car, you can ask to see if the car rental company has a formal business license and tax registration in case of a black car dealer.

Third, the selected rental vehicles: In the selection of specific rental models, should start from the use of car rental. It is best to choose a spacious and comfortable vehicle for travel; if the road condition is poor, consider choosing a vehicle with off-road performance; as the car rental company uses different numbers of vehicles and drivers, it is generally recommended to choose a car when choosing a car. Vehicles less than 5 years old and vehicles within 100,000 kilometers are suitable.

IV. Lease procedures: The main procedures that most leasing companies need customers to provide are ID cards, driver's licenses, and credit cards. Among them, the rental car customer's age must be over 18 years old (individual car rental company requires age to reach 20 years old and above). It should be reminded that credit cards play a very important role in car leasing because most leasing companies will request to freeze the amount of credit card authorizations (generally between RMB 3,000 and RMB 5,000) after successful leasing procedures. This pre-authorization is mainly used for The use of the vehicle and the subsequent occurrence of vehicle loss, fines for violation, excess settlement of mileage and days of use. If the renter does not have the above-mentioned situation, then part of the credit card funds will be returned in a matter of half a month to one month.

V. Signing a Lease Contract: A formal contract must be signed for a car rental at a regular rental car line. When signing a lease contract, consumers should pay attention to the following points:

First, understand the daily limit of the car and the billing standard after the limit is exceeded. Generally speaking, the daily mileage of mid-range cars should be within 150 kilometers, but there are also many rental companies that are not limited to kilometers. Car renters can weigh and compare their respective comprehensive conditions according to the situation (car status, rent, service items, etc.).

Second, earnestly understand the renewal rules and lease overtime billing standards, so as to avoid delays in the timely delivery of the car, and the leasing company to generate objections.

Third, carefully understand the leasing company's commitment to fully enjoy all the rights it deserves. If any unreasonableness is found in the leasing contract, it should be negotiated with the leasing company in a timely manner.

VI. Car inspection and car picking: The last process before car rental is on the road is to fill in the car inspection form, because this is the textual basis for both parties to jointly determine the condition of the car. Therefore, it must be taken seriously during the inspection and carefully recorded. In terms of specific operations, the vehicle can be inspected first, for example, by carefully checking whether there are scratches or impact scratches under the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle and under the door, whether the lights are intact, and whether the lock is normal or not. After the appearance is confirmed to be correct, the cover should be opened to check the status of the freezing liquid, oil, and battery. If there is no abnormality, you can enter the cab to check the running status of the oil gauge, brake, and air conditioner, and test drive to determine the basic of the vehicle. situation. At the same time, check whether the vehicle insurance is complete (including: third liability insurance, compulsory insurance, vehicle damage insurance, seat insurance, glass ( 946 , 1.00 , 0.11% ) insurance, scratch insurance, and stolen emergency insurance). If you find any abnormality, you should contact the car rental company in time. If you are not familiar with the type of car you are driving, you can learn more about the features and functions of the car rental car for the convenience of driving. Vehicle appearance inspection is best to ensure that the body is clean and in the sun.

7. Return the car: When you return the car, the car rental company will check the car according to the transfer order. After confirmation, the transfer person will sign the transfer order to complete the return formalities. Thereafter, if the car rental company will review the vehicle within the agreed time limit whether the electronic police has violated the rules or other illegal situations during the use of the car, and return the deposit/pre-authorization according to the review.

Car rental dispute disposal

Car-free disputes: Some car-renters will book car rental by asking friends to set aside reservations or to speak with customer service agents by verbal agreement or request to leave a car. However, this unrestricted car-booking method may cause temporary car rentals during the busy season. The company has no car available for controversy. Consumers are advised to pay a good deposit when they book a car hire, and sign relevant procedures to avoid falling into the dilemma of having no car available and having no agreement to claim compensation.

Oil disputes: When renting a car, car renters may often be irritated by the problem of remaining gasoline in the fuel tank and the car rental company. It is suggested that consumers should check the amount of oil left in the car when picking up the car, and do a good job of negotiating the compensation for the remaining oil when the car is returned.

Returning time disputes: Most car rental companies currently have a 3-4 hour time-delayed elasticity zone for scheduled return trips. However, traffic jams during the holidays are likely to delay the return of taxis. Many car-renters will be over-elastic. When the car was returned in the interval and it was charged a car rental fee for more than one day, there was a dispute with the car rental company. It is recommended that car-hikers can make peak trips or set aside suitable congestion time during the time zone to prevent the issue of road conditions from returning money.

Spring Car Rental Tips

As the demand for rental car on holiday is relatively hot, the leasing market is also in the seller's market as a whole, and the time for the leasing of cars will also be gradually lengthened. It is recommended that consumers with car rental needs make advance booking as much as possible to avoid the dilemma of unwillingness to rent a car and a substantial increase in price. risks of.

During the Spring Festival, there are many vehicles that travel and it is prone to collisions. Generally, the car rental company will deduct a certain proportion of depreciation fees according to the cost of the vehicles' damages. At the same time, after the damaged vehicles are sent to the repair shop, some rental car companies will also charge the tenants with a parking loss fee according to 70% of the daily rental fee for the rented vehicle. Therefore, car renters should pay special attention to prudent driving while driving. In the event of an accident, they should promptly inform the car rental company and ask for help.

 Electric Reach Forklift

We produce different kinds of Electric Reach Trucks. This narrow aisle electric reach forklift can lift pallets to 4.5 meters. We also have Heavy Duty Electric Reach Stackers to handle 2-ton goods. With EPS, our Warehouse Reach Forklift is efficient and the operator loves it. It has various heights and weights for different applications.


  • Main mast made by 12# U -steel with thick leg: stability
  • Most advanced AC drive system: more powerful
  • CURTIS AC controller & MOSFETS drive: safety & stable output
  • One-piece molding of high quality forged fork: precise positioning goods
  • Emergency stop, reverse bottom: safety
  • Controller with self-diagnosis function: easy maintenance

Electirc Reach Forklift

Measurement/ Model Q1516 Q1518 Q1530 Q1537 Q1545
Capacity (Q) kg 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Load Center (C ) mm 500 500 500 500 500
Max lift height (h) mm 1600 1800 3000 3700 4500
Overall extended height mm 2535 2790 4040 4070 5500
Overall collapsed height mm 2155 2355 2121 1830 2080
Overall fork width (b2) mm 540/680 540/680 540/680 540/680 540/680
Fork size (L*W*T) mm 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35 950 (1150)*100*35
Min height (h1) mm 50 50 50 50 50
Overall width (b1) mm 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100
Overall length (L) 950mm fork mm 2765 2765 2765 2765 2765
Turning radius (Wr) mm 1670 1670 1670 1670 1670
Max travel speed, full load/no load Km/h 5.0/6.0 5.0/6.0 5.0/6.0 4.8/6.0 4.8/6.0
Max lift speed, full load/ no load mm/s 75/139 75/139 75/139 85/119 85/119
Max lowering speed, full load/no load mm/s 94/108 94/108 94/108 85/80 85/80
Max Gradient performance, full load/ no load  % 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8
Rear drive wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1 PU  φ230*82, 1
Front wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2 PU  φ210*70, 2
Balance wheel, number of wheels mm PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4 PU  φ149*60, 4
Driving motor Kw AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5 AC 1.5
Lift motor Kw 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
Battery capacity V/A 24V/270Ah 24V/270Ah 24V/270Ah 24V/400Ah 24V/400Ah
Weight Kg 1745 1750 1840 2070 2110
Battery weight Kg 230 230 230 650 650

Electric Reach Forklift

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