The first filter factory started in Handan, Anhui Province

The first filter factory started in Handan, Anhui Province

do you know? The earliest filter manufacturer in China was established in Handan City, Anhui Province. Handan City Railways, such as weaving, is the transportation hub of China's north and south, just after the 2010 Beijing-Shanghai line through the high-speed rail there is a stop here - Weinan Station. According to Zhang Baohe, a 66-year-old engineer who graduated from Hefei University of Technology, “I worked in a filter industry for a lifetime and I am very familiar with this situation.”

The old and powerful Zhang Gong is still fighting for the first line in the filter business. His work unit is in our Dandensen Filter Co., Ltd., and is also the Secretary General of Handan Filter Association. Zhang Gong said that in 1956, the filter manufacturer established in China was called the Agricultural Machinery Parts Factory. It was first settled in the country under the deployment of the country, and then was renamed as the Tractor Accessories Factory. In the 1980s, it was renamed as a targeted filter factory. Nowadays, the filter industry belt has become a nationally famous supply place, and many foreigners know that it can provide inexpensive automobile filters, namely diesel filters, air filters, and oil filters. Device. Of course, the filter is not only used for automobiles but also for internal combustion engines such as generators.

Wang Zhigang, the general manager of the Wilson Dennerson Filters Co., Ltd., also has a deep qualification in the filter industry and can be said to be in the family of filters. His parents worked in the former state-owned Qin Filter Factory, where he also worked. Later, after the state encouraged private establishments, he worked at Keemann Filters. Although he is in his early 40s, he has had more than 20 years of experience in filter production, sales, and management. Now, under his name, Dennerson Filter Co., Ltd. is thriving. At present, both Kemanwei Filter Co., Ltd. and Wadenason Filter Co., Ltd. are companies with Wang Zhigang as the legal entity.

On January 7, 2015, a customer in Jinan called our company's business department and specified our oil filter JX1023. He said: “Our team's filter is only best for your products. There is no such effect.” The business staff asked, how did you find us? He said: “I saw the phone of our company printed on the cup.” Later, our salesman asked him to find our agent in Jinan, Shandong. This is also our commitment to the rules of commercial competition and our responsibility to the agents.

I look forward to the people who are interested in the filter. After understanding the development history of the filter, I visited our company to inspect and establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Learn more about the Danason filter.

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